Daily Disney Video Fix! – April 22, 2020

Today’s DIS Unplugged Video

Today on the DIS Unplugged, we live streamed Disney Cruise Line show, which ended up covering a variety of topics. The main discussion that took place was once again about Castaway Club. On a recent show, we asked our audience what they would like to see with Castaway Club if Disney Cruise Line was to add a “Diamond” level, so we read what they had to say and shared extra thoughts on it. We also discussed the possibility of Disney doing closed loop cruises only going to Castaway Cay and more!

Today’s DIS Video

Today on the DIS, I posted a video of the Tree of Life Awakenings to celebrate Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Earth Day. The one I chose to post was the show that features Disney and Pixar-inspired scenes, which we had on our channel before, but for some reason was only done in 720p instead of 4K. Luckily, I had a good shot stored away and also have the source audio, so I was able to make a video I’m actually really proud of.

Today’s Disney Find

As I mentioned above, today is the anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, so I did a deep search on YouTube for videos from the park and I found a very rough video of the dedication ceremony! I never watched this before, so it was actually a treat to see the celebration of opening the park. Anyways, take a look and head back to the great year of 1998. Fun fact – the dedication actually happened on April 21, 1998, so technically this is a day late, but enjoy!

Welp, that’s it for today’s picks. I don’t think I gave you too much homework to do and if I didn’t give you enough then the good news is tomorrow is just a day away. Please subscribe to The DIS and DIS Unplugged on YouTube if you already haven’t. Happy watching!

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