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Do Not Eat Or Drink These 4 Things At Walt Disney World


4) Quick Service French Fries

Disney struggles to make decent French fries. I’m not sure why seemingly all fast food restaurants outside of Walt Disney World can make French fries that are at least halfway decent, but the French fries guests pay $3.29 for in the parks taste like cardboard. Disney completely nails the signature dining experiences and even the table service experience, but for some reason they can’t make a decent French fry at any of the quick service locations. It doesn’t need to be something amazing, as long as Disney could make their French fries at least half as decent as McDonald’s, it would be a major improvement.

mickey ice cream bar

3) Ice Cream Bars That Aren’t Mickey Premium Bars

Maybe it is a matter of preference, but who wants an ice cream bar without Mickey on it when you’re in Walt Disney World? For some reason Mickey Premium Bars just taste better. Don’t waste your time with the generic popsicles, frozen bananas, or ice cream that isn’t the Mickey Premium Bars. It just doesn’t taste the same. You’re in Walt Disney World, take advantage of the choices like the Mickey Premium Bars that you can’t find outside the parks.

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2) Non-Starbucks Coffee

Not including signature restaurants, the coffee outside of Starbucks at Walt Disney World is gross. Some may argue that the Starbucks coffee isn’t great either, but it is certainly better than the seemingly instant coffee that is made at the rest of the locations in the parks and resorts at Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World vacations can be exhausting, but don’t just grab a quick cup of coffee at any old stand. There are Starbucks in every park, so if you really need coffee, then you really should take the extra time to walk there.

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1) Quick Service Burgers

If you’ve never had a quick service burger at Walt Disney World, consider yourself lucky. These mass produced burgers look and taste like a hockey puck. Oftentimes the quick service burgers are room temperature with rubbery cheese. There really are no redeemable factors in eating a quick service burger. Even the buns taste stale. If you are in the parks and really have a hankering for a burger, then buy two kids meal burgers. For some reason, the kids’ burgers taste fresher, and the buns are even softer. The regular burgers need a new recipe. Yes, they are mass produced because Disney sells thousands of these burgers a day, but something has to improve if they are going to charge $12.99.

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Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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