Dream Jobs Working for the Mouse

At times, I have dreamed about moving to Orlando to work for Walt Disney World. I know I won’t (at least not any time soon with young kids), but it’s fun to dream. Of course, I know working for the mouse isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be from an outsider’s view, especially recently. If I’m really dreaming, I’d choose working as a writer out in California, but for argument’s sake, let’s explore dream positions at Walt Disney World resort specifically. 


  • Holiday Decorator – I love holidays. I find any reason to celebrate random holidays (National Cookie Day, anyone?) and tend to go all out for more mainstream holidays. So I have no doubt I would love decorating the Most Magical Place on Earth for the holidays. My baking skills aren’t up to par with gingerbread house decorating (my attempts at making Deni’s Saturday Snacks are more about taste than looks), but other than that, I’m good to go. Let me hang that garland, put up those pumpkins and spread that holiday cheer. 
  • Masked Character – Ok, I must admit this is something I would love outside of Disney World, too. I dreamed of being a mascot for a sports team, but my calling never came. My mom used to work samples at stores and sometimes got to dress up as brand characters for the stores, so I think that’s where my love began. Also, I’m not naïve. I’m sure there are jerks out there that will kick them, and I know it would be hotter than the surface of the sun in the summer, but that doesn’t deter me. As much as some may prefer to be a face character, I couldn’t hide my expressions if someone creepy came up, so the giant head that would make me sweat my butt off is much preferred. 
  • Parade performer – Another vote for a job that’s probably miserable in the summer, but I would have so much fun with the parades. Whether it’s dancing down the street to songs that would be stuck in your head for hours or waving from a float, I would love the active nature of this job (coming from someone who sits at a desk 9-5). 
  • Photographer – I love this more creative option for potential Disney World jobs. I’m sure there are certain poses you’re told to shoot aa well as Magic Shots, but there are PhotoPass photographers that do go the extra mile to get special shots for families. I’m also the type to be silly and crazy to get the smiles and laughs from kids. I’d love to be able to capture those photos that families will cherish for years. 
  • Marketing – This one is more so aligned with what I already do and enjoy, but I think it would be so much more fun to do for Walt Disney World. You’d get to see announcements before most people do, and let’s be honest, Walt Disney World marketing seems to have their work cut out, making some of the smallest announcements sound like a big deal. 

It’s a wild dream for someone with a great career and three kids, but it’s fun to think about. I’m sure that these jobs, like all jobs, have massive downfalls as well, but I’m just saying they seem fun enough to enjoy at least for a little while. If only I could go back in time to the College Program or when I was fresh out of college and give myself a shot at trying to land one of these awesome jobs.

What would your dream job at Walt Disney World be?

Sara is a Marketing Specialist by day, but her true passion is writing. She's been a freelance writer for 11 years and uses that side hustle money for traveling with her husband and three young children.


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