Eat Up! 4 Reasons you can binge eat at Disney World

When planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you may begin to worry about your waistline doubling in size. Here are my four reasons why you shouldn’t worry about gaining weight while vacationing at Walt Disney World:


4) You’re Going To Be Walking A Lot

If you’ve never been on a Walt Disney World vacation, you might not realize how much walking you do. On average, most families walk anywhere between 10 to 15 miles in a day. Walking around the parks is a cardio workout. Add pushing around a stroller, or wheelchair, the entire day, and you’ll certainly be sweaty. With the amount of walking you’ll be doing, it won’t only be important to eat more than you typically do, it’ll be necessary. You’re going to be burning a lot of calories, so replenishing your body with energy is crucial. You’re going to have to eat more than you typically do considering you’re going to be walking almost half a marathon everyday.


3) Too Many Delicious Choices

Walt Disney World offers too many delicious food options for you to simply hide from. Around every corner seems to be a bakery, candy shop, or delectable restaurant. Let yourself indulge in the special treats that will make you feel like a kid again. Whether it is a churro, a pretzel, or a Dole Whip, it is important to let yourself enjoy it. You can’t hide from unhealthy foods in Walt Disney World, so as long as you’re not eating so much that you’re getting sick, it’ll be fine.


2) Delicious Food Doesn’t Have To Mean Unhealthy

While Walt Disney World does have a fair share of unhealthy foods like churros, pretzels, and dole whips it also has healthier options that taste great. All the parks have fruit stands, or some sort of alternative healthier option. Healthier doesn’t always mean less delicious. For example, Liberty Square Market in the Magic Kingdom offers one of my favorite snacks in all of Walt Disney World, which is the corn on the cob with seasonings. I highly suggest it. While eating at these healthier food stands is a good alternative, don’t limit yourself to just the healthy options.


1) You’re On Vacation

Let your hair down and relax. Now is not the time to worry about how many calories are in your ice cream cone. Even with all the walking you’ll do, if you happen to gain a pound or two, is that really the end of the world? Eating unhealthy foods and snacks throughout your Walt Disney World vacation is part of the fun. Treat yourself! Whether you’re visiting for a long weekend or two weeks, either way, your vacation will be over before you know it. So, eat the treats you know you probably shouldn’t eat. Eat up, you’re in Walt Disney World!

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