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Five Skippable Rides in Magic Kingdom When Short on Time

Five Skippable Rides In Magic Kingdom When Short On Time Skippable-Rides-in-MAgic-Kingdom

When you are visiting Disney theme parks, a common goal is to try every attraction in the park. However, a common problem is that trying to fit it all into one day sometimes isn’t possible. Prioritizing the best rides is the key; choosing your top-tier, must-do attractions and making sure those happen first ensures that any disappointment will be minimized. Once those are covered, you might find yourself in a sort of grey area, not able to easily pick your next rides without fear of missing out on the next best ones. I’m here to help. If you have to eliminate a few attractions from your list while visiting Magic Kingdom, here are my top five skippable rides.

Astro Orbiter

Tomorrowland’s Astro Orbiter is a fun ride when you have time to spare. If you don’t, then it’s my most skippable ride. The ride structure is basic and doesn’t have the same Disney magic feel as some of the more iconic attractions, making it less disappointing to sit out. The line for this one is always strangely long for what it is and part of the reason it might be easier not to do it at all.

Five Skippable Rides In Magic Kingdom When Short On Time Astro-Orbiter-01

Liberty Square Riverboat

I’ve got nothing against the Liberty Square Riverboat. I can already feel some of you sharpening those pitchforks. However, it’s another one that can often have a long wait and be a time-consuming attraction once you are on board. It’s pretty and a lovely change of pace if you need a break from the hustle and bustle, but not on my must-do list.

Five Skippable Rides In Magic Kingdom When Short On Time Magic Kingdom Riverboat

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

While stopping to take photos of this ride is definitely a must-do, riding it can be left for next time if you are short on availability. Though beautiful to take in and the experience is likely one of the best you will find, Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel is one of the more basic rides that can be similar to what you’ve experienced elsewhere, unlike some of the more unique rides like “it’s a small world” or Peter Pan.

Five Skippable Rides In Magic Kingdom When Short On Time magic-kingdom-carousel-7-1

Swiss Family Treehouse

Another ride that is on my list of favorites and also one of my least visited. The Swiss Family Treehouse is a fantastic walk-through attraction that is filled with so much detail it can take you longer to explore it all than you might have to spend. If you’ve seen any of the versions of this classic tale or read the book, you’ll find hidden Easter eggs at every turn. Even so, there are better attractions to fill your time.

Five Skippable Rides In Magic Kingdom When Short On Time image-1

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin can be a fun filler ride, but they are nothing compared to the bigger and better Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride in Storybook Circus. Soaring through the skies while controlling your own ride vehicle is best enjoyed on board your elephant rather than the magic carpet if you can only choose one.

Five Skippable Rides In Magic Kingdom When Short On Time magic-carpets-aladdin-lightning-lane

When you are visiting the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, what rides do you skip over when you are short on time?

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