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Four Places I Would Want to Live as a Walt Disney World Duck

Four Places I Would Want to Live as a Walt Disney World Duck duck1

One of the many details which make the Walt Disney World parks and resorts special are the ducks which thrive throughout property. From Magic Kingdom to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Disney Springs, these small harmless animals add life to all areas of property. Their presence is consistently noted by guests who especially enjoy ducklings. Living or sleeping over somewhere in a park is fantasy many guests have. On a recent visit to the Walt Disney World resort, I began thinking where I would want to live as a duck? Which places offer security, space, and access to activity? Four places came to mind! 

Swiss Family Treehouse

The Swiss Family Treehouse located in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland is surrounded by wide waterways and dense flora and fauna. Cool, dark waterways surrounded by gorgeous foliage; a duck can wander through a stunning landscape all day without finding daily life monotonous. When the attraction’s waterwheel is operating, a small waterfall at the base of the tree allows a place for ducks to get doused and cool off (I have seen this during the summer, and they seem to enjoy it). With a lush jungle to enjoy, shelter from the sun and downpours are abundant. 

But if one finds a life of leisure in the lazy rivers around the Treehouse dull, a duck could easily commute to the Jungle Cruise or the area around the Crystal Palace. Located next to the Hub of the Magic Kingdom, a duck living here could keep apprised of gossip elsewhere in the park while still having quiet and plenty of space. 

Four Places I Would Want to Live as a Walt Disney World Duck duck2  Foliage looking toward the Swiss Family Treehouse
<em>Foliage looking toward the Swiss Family Treehouse <em>

Flamingo Pool, Kilimanjaro Safaris

The Flamingo Pool is located in Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom’s Africa. Just after the savannah near the elephants, this space is relatively modest. A flamboyance of flamingoes resides in a pool where dry land takes the shape of a hidden Mickey. This is a space is quite conducive to a New York City-type lifestyle. Accommodations are tight, but a diverse array of neighbors and plenty of activity abound right outside. If a duck can make it here, they can make it anywhere else on property. While this area is located right next to the track of the safari vehicles, the drivers are mindful of the animals in the same way they keep alert for giraffes or rhinoceros. 

Since I was a teenager, this attraction has been a favorite and I have always noticed a large population of ducks there, living alongside the flamingos. Perhaps the abundant food supply attracts them. If they ever want a break from the hustle and bustle of this area, they could visit the elephant pools. While I do not know how deep the pools are, I once saw a dark space and an elephant emerge, spraying itself with its trunk. However, the elephants do not seem to use them very often, so it should be a reliable space to get some peace and quiet. 

Four Places I Would Want to Live as a Walt Disney World Duck duck5  A growing duck family enjoying a stroll in Animal Kingdom (in this case Asia).
<em>A growing duck family enjoying a stroll in Animal Kingdom in this case Asia<em>

Canada Pavilion

The Canada pavilion, located at one end of Epcot’s World Showcase, is a beautiful and immersive space. Imagineers incorporated elements from across the massive country, including British Columbian gardens and a stream with a thirty-foot waterfall reminiscent of the Canadian Rockies. A rushing stream and waterfalls provide the opportunity for play and waves to sit and enjoy. But colorful, gorgeous gardens with quieter pools allow for serenity. Sloping greens and nearby bushes provide diverse landscapes in a relatively small space. While at an end cap of the World Showcase, this pavilion is not the most utilized, and Canada Far & Wide in Circle Vision 360 never seems to attract an impressive audience. 

Therefore, quiet and diverse landscapes exist in a space adjacent to a bustling thoroughfare. Ducks who reside in the World Showcase seem especially adept at convincing soused festival goers to throw them a food scrap or two. And of course, if a duck is feeling claustrophobic they have a massive lagoon and ten other countries they can visit.

Four Places I Would Want to Live as a Walt Disney World Duck duck3

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Also, in Animal Kingdom, the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail offers an aviary and a large hippo pool. While the aviary can be loud, it has lush plant life, small waterfalls, logs to lay on, and feeders specific to the residents who live there. Species specific to Africa live here, including the African Pygmy Goose. Doves, starlings, pigeons and more all seem capable of sharing this space. Deeper water, sand, stone, and branches provide a comfortable stimulating environment. Ducks are crafty animals, and if the noise became overwhelming, they could sneak off to a nearby hippo pool. Large and quiet with abundant fish, the hippopotamus poses no threat to the duck, and as long as they keep the quacking to a minimum I am sure their presence would be welcome.   

As a Disney Duck, where would you want to live? Please feel free to leave a comment!

Spencer Wright is passionate about Walt Disney World, Disney Film, History, and Old Hollywood. He works in Center City Philadelphia and lives in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He looks forward to writing articles for The Dis Unplugged; currently focusing on Animal Kingdom and the creatures that live there.


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