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Holiday Traditions That Should Return to Walt Disney World

Holiday Traditions That Should Return to Walt Disney World Osbourne-Lights

The holiday season is perhaps the most popular and crowded time to visit the parks. The decorations, entertainment, and hard-ticket events put guests in the spirit of the season. This is thanks in large part to some long-running traditions that have made their return year after year. The parks are decked out with impressive lights and massive decorations. New merchandise designs take over the gift shops. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is an annual hit. But some fan-favorite traditions have disappeared despite their popularity. Let’s reminisce on some of the best holiday traditions that should return to the parks.

Cinderella Castle Dream Lights

Holiday Traditions That Should Return to Walt Disney World MVMCP-2018-014

This is the obvious one. These beautiful lights have not graced the castle since 2018, most likely due to budget cuts following the pandemic. But as each year goes by, fans hope they will make their return. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to see the Dream Lights on the castle again.

Disney does offer a different light show that debuted this year, the Frozen Holiday Surprise, where Elsa lights up the castle with projections instead. Time will tell if this can live up to its predecessor.

Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

The Osbourne Lights are even less likely to return than the Dream Lights as the Streets of America were leveled to make room for Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge. A show similar to it would have to be created for a whole new area or even in a different park. But during the show’s run, it was a staple of the holiday season at Walt Disney World. Every inch of the Streets of America was covered with lights and they would “dance” to upbeat Christmas music. It truly was a spectacle at Hollywood Studios and a tradition that is sorely missed.

Holiday-Themed Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is something the parks may be lacking during the holidays. There is plenty of it during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party; from parades to castle shows to stage shows. But it would be fantastic if similar shows were once again offered for day guests as well. Festive entertainment was previously offered in Tomorrowland in a theater that has since been turned into a Chip and Dale meet and greet area. Seeing original live shows with characters dressed up in their holiday attire again without paying for an expensive event ticket would elevate the experience even more.

The holiday season is still a great time to visit the parks, even without these offerings. The merchandise, unique food items, and decorations continue to impress guests. But some traditions of yesteryear would be the finishing touches to a great guest experience. What other holiday traditions would you like to see return to the parks?

I am a lifelong Disney fan and have visited the parks my entire life. I was lucky enough to have been a Cast Member as well, spending over two years in Tomorrowland merchandise. I'm excited to share my passion and thoughts on Walt Disney World.


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