How Teens Can Stay Connected with Disney at Home

Being a teen, I’m always using social media like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. While these are usually considered as apps for connecting with friends, they can also be used to keep up with and experience Disney at home. In this article, I’ll go over some of the ways teens can stay connected with Disney at home through social media.


Teens typically use Instagram for viewing what their friends are up to, what celebrities are up to, memes, and more. However, there are many Disney based accounts, like The DIS’ Instagram, that teens can follow for pictures, facts, videos, and more about Disney. There is also an official Disney Instagram account that teens can follow for updates from the Walt Disney company.


Many teens browse Twitter throughout the day to keep up with their favorite sports team, celebrities’ thoughts on current events, news, and more. Many of the same Instagram account owners also have Twitter accounts, like The DIS Twitter account, that can be used for easier access to short thoughts or updates about things going on in the parks.


There are TONS of vlogs, POVs, soundtracks, and more that can be found on YouTube. On The DIS YouTube channel, you can find many of those, like attraction POVs, Park Bench videos, tours around the parks, soundtracks, and more. If you’re looking for vlogs, dining reviews, attraction reviews, and weekly podcasts, then you can head over to the DIS Unplugged YouTube channel. I love to listen to Disney soundtracks while I do schoolwork and study or even have a Park Bench video playing on my TV to make it feel more like I’m in the parks. There are also many Florida residents and non-Florida residents who make vlogs of their experiences visiting the parks all around the world.


For the teens that use Facebook, you can find The DIS Facebook page, as well as many other Disney-based Facebook pages. There are also Facebook groups based all over the world where you can join other Disney fans who share the same passion.

DISboard’s Teen Disney Page

One last way teens can stay connected with Disney is to stay connected with other teens who love Disney! has a board just for teens, where teens can introduce themselves, ask questions, talk about an experience they had, or discuss something that happened with Disney! Head over to, make an account, and join the discussion!

Have any other ways you think teens could stay connected that weren’t listed in this article? Post them in the comments!

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