How to Add a Subtle Touch of Disney to your Work Space or Home

Disney Home Decor


Disney Home DecorWhile most of us Disney Fans would love to permanently live in the parks, the majority of us have day jobs in various cities around the world to fund our Disney obsessions vacations. Sometimes in the course of a dreary day, I like to look over at something that reminds me of Disney. I, however, work in the finance industry where over-sized Donald Duck plush toys would likely be frowned upon in the work space. The same could be true of your home. Perhaps your spouse doesn’t like loud decorations, or isn’t a Disney fan. (The horror!) There are ways to have subtle reminders of Disney parks or movies throughout your home or work space that will give you the nostalgic feeling to get you through the day. Some might actually only be recognizable to other Disney fans. Those are my favorites. The key is to mix other non-Disney items with Disney-related items to get that touch of Disney.

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 Disney Artwork

There is a variety of Disney Artwork available, both obvious and subtle. A small canvas painting of Cinderella’s castle propped up on your cubicle is a nice way to remind you of days in the Magic Kingdom. I have a watercolor modern art piece of the castle on my office wall that is fairly small. I mix it with other pieces of art to make a small gallery wall. It’s my favorite piece and it stands out, but doesn’t scream “I LOVE MICKEY MOUSE” when you walk into my office.

Some other options for Disney Artwork are vintage or minimalist style artist recreations of Disney movies. Etsy is a treasure trove of these and other Disney artwork styles that add a bit of cool as well as Disney to your decorations. I particularly love this poster set of some of my favorite Disney movies.

Another fun way to add Disney Artwork to your space is old photos of Disney parks or even the construction of Disney parks. There are plenty available on Ebay and can seamlessly be added to any vignette or wall art collection.

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Vintage Disney Items

Vintage Disney merchandise is a fun addition, as well. I have an old Walt Disney World mug as a pen holder.  I have some great vintage Disney-related coffee table books on my bookshelf. There is an array of fantastic small Disney trinkets and items, both old and new, that can be placed on a desk or cubicle. You can find vintage figurines if you like a more obvious aesthetic. There are even old Disney tickets across the internet that can be framed or displayed in a creative way. I particularly like the vintage ashtrays. I’ve never been a smoker and ashtrays are almost an extinct object, but they’re useful as a key or jewelry holder- maybe even a candy dish. They have great designs.

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Disney Attraction-Related Merchandise

Another subtle nod to Disney is to have merchandise related to Disney attractions and rides rather than just Disney movies. Unless someone is a true Disney fan, they’ll likely not even recognize a Haunted Mansion place mat or an Enchanted Tiki Room pillow. If you have a favorite attraction, search several outlets (like, Etsy, Ebay, or Google Shopping) and you’ll likely find a unique item to add to your collection.

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Hidden Mickeys

If all else fails, make some hidden Mickeys out of everyday objects. You’ll most likely be the only person who notices, but decorating a space is for your own comfort and happiness, anyway. You can’t get much more subtle than a Hidden Mickey!

What are ways that you decorate your home or work space to add a little bit of a Disney touch? Please share!