It’s Time to Re-route the PeopleMover

It's Time to Re-route the PeopleMover tron-lightcycle-power-run-magic-kingdom-disney-world-1108

There has been one thing that I’ve been obsessing over in last year or so, and that is the placement of Tron in Tomorrowland. It’s been my opinion for a while now that Tomorrowland is probably the worst laid out lands in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t think I’m alone on this one. Even Walt’s original Tomorrowland in Disneyland has gone through iterations and re-imaginings.

But this is not an article about Tomorrowland as a whole, it’s about Tron and the sightlines of the attraction. Tomorrowland has always been a very claustrophobic land where you’re always surrounded by tall show buildings and the PeopleMover tracks. Now you have a brand new E-Ticket attractions that is being placed behind a race track and Space Mountain.

Head over to Google Maps and place yourself right around the entrance to the gift shop near Space Mountain. That’s where the entrance to the attraction will most likely be.

This shot from Google Maps is older, so you don’t see the construction in the background, but what you can see is the PeopleMover tracks. They are directly in your sightline for Tron. Let’s take another step back.

Using Google Maps again, this is taken with Astro Orbiter right behind you. Notice more obstructions?

One of the better shots that’s been posted in a while is from bioreconstruct that reveals a great aerial view of the whole park.


What do all of these pictures show? A ride that will most likely be beautiful at night with a canopy all lit up, as well as a kinetic attraction that will draw the eye during the day that will also be hidden behind the PeopleMover tracks.

The sightlines of the land were not designed for having a ride tucked all the way in the back. Even the sightlines from Storybook Circus have the attraction hiding behind trees. The Speedway will block Tron in all of it’s glory as well.

The only way to improve the land is to move the PeopleMover, one of my most favorite rides in the whole park. Looking at bioreconstruct’s image above, or any Tomorrowland map, you can conceive of a solution. You’ll need to reroute the tracks around Space Mountain, through the Tron canopy and then come back over the Speedway.

With this rerouting done, you’ll find a Tomorrowland with clear sightlines and a more open feel with both Space Mountain and Tron rising above you. Tron will open up before you as you walk past the Purple Wall and Buzz Lightyear to reveal an amazing display of kinetic movement, lights and excitement.

This will most likely not happen because of the existing infrastructure of the PeopleMover being too complicated to change, especially in and out of Space Mountain. However, one can dream.

I am a 37 year old father of three from NJ with the Disney Bug. Disney is all about family and I write with the family perspective in mind.


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