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Lowest Park Attendance in Years Coming this Fall to Walt Disney World?

Lowest Park Attendance In Years Coming This Fall? The DIS Main-Street-USA-08

Now is the time to visit Walt Disney World. Early autumn when school has just begun has notoriously been a slow season for the Disney parks, but this fall could be the lowest park attendance Walt Disney World has seen in years. There are a multitude of reasons why park attendance should be down this fall, and so now might be the time to take advantage of short lines.

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Brazil and United Kingdom’s Struggling Economies

Since Brexit, travel to the United States has become less appealing for the British due to its worsening exchange rate. When the United Kingdom left the European Union earlier this year, the pound went spiraling down against the dollar. Often times guests from the U.K. visit Walt Disney World for two or three weeks at a time, so with a much smaller presence of visitors from the U.K. the parks are going to be less crowded.

Brazil’s economy is struggling, in fact, last year Brazil lost 1.7 million jobs. Along with the loss of jobs, Brazil’s inflation since 2014 has increased at an alarming rate. Because of a struggling economy Brazilian guests aren’t traveling to Walt Disney World as frequently, or at all. As you might know, there are huge travel groups of teenagers that come to Walt Disney World from Brazil. These travel groups have created a bad reputation for themselves as typically being loud and bothersome towards other guests in the parks. With fewer of these travel groups in the parks, the parks are not only less crowded, but also substantially quieter.

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Fear of the Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is scary. The World Health Organization declared the mosquito-borne virus a public health emergency in February of this year. The virus can cause birth defects, among other health complications. With reports of the Zika virus showing up in Florida some potential Walt Disney World guests are worried, and are refusing to visit. While Walt Disney World guests should remain cautious, the threat is still very unlikely. Of the 37 cases in Florida, almost all of them are within one square mile near Miami. While there have been some other cases in Florida outside of Miami, like Tampa, no cases have been found in Orlando so far. Regardless of the fact that it hasn’t been found in Orlando it is still scaring many potential guests away.

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Fear of Alligators

Walt Disney World is often thought of as a safe place to go on vacation. Walt Disney World is very rarely in the news due to a tragedy. Unfortunately, earlier this year the loss of 2-year old Lane Graves to a devastating alligator attack proved that even the most magical place on earth isn’t immune from tragic incidents. Any body of water bigger than a bathtub in Florida probably has an alligator in it, but until Lane Graves lost his young life, many guests of Walt Disney World were unaware of this. Walt Disney World didn’t make the presence of alligators known to many guests, but now since the tragedy there are many families that are afraid to visit Walt Disney World due to alligators.

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Fear of Violence

On June 12th, 2016 Omar Mateen killed 49 innocent people, and injured 53 in Pulse Nightclub, which is less than twenty miles from Walt Disney World. According to some reports Mateen considered Disney Springs as one of his targets. This has frightened potential Walt Disney World visitors around the world. Since the tragic shooting, and claims of Mateen considering Disney Springs, there has been an increase in security in all Walt Disney World locations. To this I say, you have to live your life. If you live in fear of these attacks, you allow those who commit terroristic attacks to win. Their goal is for you to live in fear. Personally, I wouldn’t allow it to affect your decision to visit the parks or not.

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