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Magic in the Details: EPCOT’s Fez House

I love the details in life. And, as someone whose happy place is Walt Disney World, I especially love the Disney details. I’m constantly stopped in my tracks by little things that I find on Walt Disney World property. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’ve got so many pictures on my phone of random Disney details, and it just reaffirms the fact that no job is too small. No matter what your job is, it all matters. Especially when you’re a cast member and you’re creating little magic-filled details for us Walt Disney World fans.

My DISboards name is LoveIsInTheDetails (thank you very much, Oprah Winfrey, for that quote). I chose that name back in 2008, and it still rings true today. Love really is communicated through the smallest of details. And at Walt Disney World, I see those details everywhere. And so, we come to a possible series of articles that begins with the words “magic in the details.” Because there truly is magic to be found in the Disney details.

The place I’d like to start today is the perfect spot for a little bit of in-park respite. Listen, we all know that the Walt Disney World parks can be hot and sticky and crowded and loud, and sometimes, just sometimes, you and I might need a quiet place to collect ourselves. If you’re in EPCOT, and you find yourself needing a bit of a timeout, I highly recommend that you make your way to the Morocco pavilion’s Fez House.

The Fez House is located next door to the Race Against the Sun exhibit, and is normally sandwiched on the other side by one of the Moroccan merchandise locations. I say normally because that location is currently closed. Side note: won’t it be amazing when all of the World Showcase shops have reopened? I can’t wait to look the cultural representatives in the eyes and tell them how very glad we are to have them back.

As soon as you step into the Fez House, you’ll be welcomed by the smell of sandalwood and spice. The space is dripping in beautiful mosaic tile and colored glass lanterns hang from the ceiling. The house is technically two stories tall, but guests can only enter the first floor area. There are benches at the four corners of the room, and while it’s not technically air-conditioned, all of that glorious tile and the fact that it’s an indoor location with an open air center means that it is cooler than what it is outside. And when you’re in the middle of traversing the World Showcase, sometimes all you want is a cool place to sit down and take a quick break.

Over the years, I’ve heard Walt Disney World geeks (a term of endearment; I count myself as one) say that the sounds of a Moroccan family can be heard overhead while you’re in the Fez House. Remember, you and I are in a house, so it would make sense that family members would be upstairs and just out of sight as they talk about their day and about the meal that they’re sharing. Unfortunately, in all my times in the Fez House, I had never heard the family upstairs. Until 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I was sitting on one of the benches by the fountain just minding my business and getting work done when I started hearing conversations that were not coming from the guests scattered around the room. A conversation would stop and after a few minutes, another one would begin. It quickly became clear to me that this was the mysterious soundtrack of the Moroccan family living upstairs. And it was loud enough for me to hear it playing for the first time. All of a sudden, I was 10 years old again exploring EPCOT for the first time with my family.

I have spent so much time sitting on one of those benches writing articles, editing pictures, and all sorts of things, (in fact, if you see me on one of those benches with an iPad on my lap, please say hi), but now that the Fez House’s soundtrack is playing? I want to move in and set up shop. I’m pretty sure I can get a foldable table in there and run an extension cord from the exhibit next door so that I can charge my devices. The most amazing slushies can be found across the walkway at Oasis Sweets & Sips, and Tangierine Cafe’s serving up yummy festival food, so I’d have sustenance. The internet signal is fairly strong in the house, so I’m pretty sure I would be fine… until Disney catches on, of course. I’m sure they’d tell me to fold up my table and hit the road. One can dream, right?

Fez House’s sights and sounds are the most charming of details. And they make me want to just sit there in rapt attention so that I don’t miss a bit of the magic.

With which Disney details do you most connect? Which ones bring you the most delight and leave you feeling like a kid again? Is a stop by Morocco‘s Fez House a must-do during your EPCOT day? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

Deni loves all things Disney, and, in 2013, moved to the Magic from Maryland. Walt Disney World is her happy place, and she loves getting to share it with others. Deni and her husband of almost 26 years have 2 grown children. Her favorite WDW snack? A Mickey Bar, of course. Is there any other?!


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