Mini-golfing around Walt Disney World


I am terrible at Mini-golf. If there is a water trap, my ball finds its way into it. If there is an obstacle, I’ll hit it, and with such force that I’ll hit people playing the next hole. I’m that bad. Despite my complete lack of control or skill, I love the game. It has also become a tradition with my family to play on vacation.

Did you know that Walt Disney World has two separate places to play mini-golf? There are not two but four courses to enjoy. They range from themed for children all the way to a mature “approach-and-putt” course for the older experienced golfer.

Here is everything you would need to know about miniature golf at Walt Disney World. OK, maybe not everything. I can’t tell you how to win. I still need to figure that part out myself. Highest score right?


Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf

This 11-acre complex has two 18-hole golf courses, and they are very different. Make sure you ask the cast member to explain the difference between the two. There are signs that explain it, but they don’t give the whole picture. One is an “adventure” course themed after Disney’s animated film Fantasia. The other is a more serious task. Picture it like a putting course at a country club. It has sand traps and water hazards. It’s more for older players and not small children.


My family always plays the animated course because it’s the most fun. It’s on the right when you walk in. We are not serious golfers and are more concerned with getting the ball through the alligator’s mouth than improving our score. Fantasia Gardens is beautifully landscaped and has animated statues and flower beds. Also, it has so many surprises that I won’t spoil for you here. Just beware things aren’t always as they seem.


Open daily from 10 am – 11 pm, it’s located on Epcot Resorts Boulevard. The easiest way to find it is to head to the Swan resort and it’s right beside it. If you aren’t driving, the best way to get there take the bus or boat to the Swan Resort and walk over. It’s just across a side street.


The price is typical for Disney. Adults are around $14 and it’s $12 for children. Also, if you play multiple rounds there is a discount. They have a gift shop, but you can barely call it that. It’s more like a space that has a couple shirt in it. It’s pretty tiny.


Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

If you are looking for a slightly easier course, Disney opened Winter Summerland in 1999 next to Blizzard Beach waterpark. It offers two 18-hole courses similar to Fantasia Gardens. It’s split up into two sections; the winter course and summer course. I bet you didn’t see that coming?! Ok maybe you did.

Q4-29 Winter-Summerland June 1999    MRA

Image (c) Disney

The summer course has surfboards, sand castles and is best described as Santa’s summer vacation. Olaf would love it. The winter course is winter fun in the Florida sun. You play while being surrounded by hockey sticks, and a fantastic melting castle.


Photo credit to Ware Bear on the photo board

Most people will find these two courses considerably easier than Fantasia Gardens mini golf, and some find it too easy. It’s very heavily themed for winter and summer. It’s slightly over the top but isn’t that what we love about Disney? Over the top magic.

Whether you choose to dance with elephant ballerinas or chill with off-duty elves, you will have a blast. So take a break from the parks and play a game with your family.

A new adventure awaits you closer than you think.

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