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My Muppet Mayhem at Walt Disney World

My Muppet Mayhem at Walt Disney World IMG_6282

I was not born when the Muppets burst into Hollywood (heck, my mom was only 10), but since early childhood, I have been in love with the colorful crew of puppets. When a person thinks of the Muppets, they normally would not associate them with Disney World. Now that the Muppets have become more commercial in the world of Disney media, it is time they get the proper respect they deserve as important figures in the WDW parks.

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On May 16th, 1991 (again, before I was born) Muppet*Vision 3D began entertaining audiences at what is now Hollywood Studios. This was the first time guests got to see Muppet Studios and see the awesome things that the Muppets were working up. There is home video of me, on my first trip to Disney, describing to my mom the show and how Bean went missing. There was something spectacular to me that I was watching a screen and then I was interacting, yelling at Kermit that Bean was right there! Even watching it 20 plus years later, I still find myself wanting to tell Kermit where Bean is and anxiously awaiting Sweetums to run through to the front of the stage.

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The Muppets courtyard in Hollywood Studios is also a thing of beauty in my opinion. The Miss Piggy fountain always makes me smile and if you have never done so, try to look for the key under the mat as you walk into Muppet*Vision 3D. This surrounding area is quiet and can provide a break from the mass crowds at Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. You can also enjoy the cute Muppet shop (Stage 1 Company Store) at the end of the show. I love the decor in there, and you can find some fun surprises and hidden Mickeys.

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One of my favorite places to eat in Hollywood Studios is also Muppets-themed! PizzeRizzo is a counter service Italian restaurant that has pizza, meatball subs, salads, and great drink options. Besides the theming, what I love about PizzeRizzo is the space. This place is huge and includes indoor, outdoor, and upstairs seating options. You can find booths, seats, and stools to make any diner comfortable. I find myself eating at a new spot every time.

My Muppet Mayhem at Walt Disney World IMG_7128

Arguably one of my favorite use of the Muppets was The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History that took place in Liberty Square but closed recently. I truly thought this was a fantastic guest experience that taught those young and old about some American history. I will miss this experience more than anything!

I would love to see more Muppets in the parks! What about you?


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