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Disney's Hollywood Studios - Muppet Vision 3-D

Hollywood Studios Rides and Attractions

Muppet Vision 3-D

Opened: May 30, 1991

Attraction length: 17 minutes

Lightning Lane: Yes

Handicapped Accessibility: Guests may remain in their wheelchairs to experience this attraction.

Reflective Captioning is available, check with a cast member at the entrance for assistance.


Muppet*Vision 3-D entertains you from the moment you get on line all the way through to the show itself. The posters along the queue feature the Muppets as "stars" of some popular movies.

The pre-show is one of the best. Amidst the props, there are elevated TV screens that are easily seen no matter where you are. A video featuring Gonzo, Scooter and Sam Eagle is shown about the upcoming "spectacular" 3-D show. You'll also be instructed about theater protocol and to move to the end of the row when you enter. In the words of Sam Eagle, to do otherwise is "very unpatriotic."

Muppet Vision 3D_05

While you're in the lobby, take the time to look around. Among the crates and boxes are some great sight gags. See if you can find "a net full of jello" (Get it? Annette Funicello!) HEY! No groans please.

The doors open and you're ushered into the 584 seat theater. As Sam Eagle said, move to the end of the row. No matter where you are, you'll have a good view. Up in the balcony is Waldorf and Statler. Betcha didn't know that Jim Henson did the voice of Waldorf. He's also Kermit and the Swedish Chef. (When you hear the Chef, be sure to turn around and look at the back of the theater.)

The basic premise is that the Muppets are going to put on a variety show starring the multi-talented Miss Piggy. Kermit tries to make the cast and crew happy, but mishaps get in the way. Fans of the old Muppet Show should recognize most of the characters, but then there's Waldo, a new 3-D character who wreaks havoc during the production.

There are plenty of surprises along the way. We won't spoil it for you, but this is one show that ends with a bang!

Fun Fact:  Name changed from Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3-D on 10/1/04.

Fun Fact / Tip: Immediately to your right as you enter the Muppet Vision 3D building you will see the "box office.” Hanging there is a sign that says "Back in 5 minutes, key is under mat.” If you lift up the mat you will find that there really is a key hidden under the mat!

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