Overview of the new high-tech laundry rooms at Walt Disney World

One of the great things about vacation is leaving behind the everyday monotony of life. No cleaning the bathroom, no making meals (unless you want to), no vacuuming. The one thing we can’t seem to get away from though is the laundry. No matter how much we pack and tell ourselves it’s enough, someone is bound to spill on their favorite shirt or someone else runs out of socks and underwear.

laundry room

I do most of the laundry at home, but on vacation, it’s my husband’s job and I am so grateful for that! I’m not even sure why that started, but he has always been the one to schlep our dirty laundry across the resort and spend a few hours hanging out in the laundry room or walking back and forth checking on the progress. On our last trip, he was able to test out Disney’s new high-tech washers and dryers and use their laundry website. These were introduced at the end of April and became standard across property by the end of May.

The LaundryView Monitoring System website has a list of all the Disney resorts.

laundry website

Click on your resort and you’re shown a list of laundry rooms and how many washers and dryers there are in each. Click on the one that’s closest to your room and you are actually directed to an animated view of the laundry room that shows you how many machines are in use. It’s kind of fun; the machines even shake so you can see which ones are being used.  You can even see how many minutes are left in the machine’s cycle.

machine availability

Before he left our hotel room, he checked the website to see which laundry room had availability. The first laundry room that he checked was actually full, so if he had walked there first, he would have had to leave and walk across the resort to another.

Most of the laundry facilities now accept credit/debit cards. This is a very needed upgrade. A large sign on the wall explained how to use the machines. The machines in our laundry room were $2.00 for a wash and $2.00 for a dry, but I’ve heard that other resorts are $2.50 each.  Maybe it depends on how new they are?


Like normal, you put your clothes and soap into the washer. Then you use a payment station to turn the machine on and complete your payment.  I am surprised that there isn’t an option to pay with your MagicBand like you can everywhere else around the resort.

payment station

The really handy part is the addition of the website. Instead of having to wait around for the cycle to end or having to wonder when the load will be completed, David was able to come back to the room and then just check the website to see how much time was left for each cycle so he knew when he needed to return.

time remaining

The payment station isn’t the only high-tech upgrade to the laundry facilities. The machines are now more efficient and only require 2 tablespoons of detergent per load.


He thought this website was a great addition to the resort and really saved him time in the laundry process. What do you think? Will these changes make you more or less likely to do laundry while on vacation?


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