Sneak Peak at Spaceship Earth Beacons of Magic Lighting

Spaceship Earth 50th

Today, Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley has given us our first look at the lighting that will grace Spaceship Earth in EPCOT as part of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Beacons of Magic displays. Riddley explains that the new lighting system is a first-of-it’s-kind programable LED system created by Disney Imagineers to fit seamlessly into the outside façade of the beloved park icon.

Epcot Beacons of Magic

Installation of the lighting has been completed and the system is currently in its testing phase. The team is working with the lighting system to find the best look for Spaceship Earth. The lighting will also tie into the new Main Entrance Plaza, fountain, and pylon lighting to create a fully immersive atmosphere.

Epcot Beacons of Light

The new lighting additions to EPCOT at night have been nothing short of stunning and I’m sure the new lighting to Spaceship Earth will not only look fantastic, but be fun to view from all over the resort.

Epcot Beacons of Magic

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