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Let’s Get Ready for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs By Visiting Their Disneyland Shop!

Let's Get Ready for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs By Visiting Their Disneyland Shop! Salt & Straw flavors

This is the kind of research that I love. With June’s announcement about Salt & Straw coming to Disney Springs next year, I knew that a visit to the scoop shop was a must-do on my recent trip to Disneyland.

Let's Get Ready for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs By Visiting Their Disneyland Shop! Salt and Straw interior

I just can’t wait to welcome the new artisanal, small batch ice cream shop to Walt Disney World. The spot that Salt & Straw will inhabit at Disney Springs is small. Before visiting their Disneyland location, I was thinking that it’d be way too small to house such a popular ice cream shop. It turns out that their Downtown Disney District location isn’t really much bigger, and they do just fine, thankyouverymuch. The location is simply a scoop shop, and customers leave to eat their yummy ice cream outside, so not much space is actually needed.

Now here’s where the getting gets really good: Salt & Straw’s ice cream flavors are created in small batches, and contain the highest quality ingredients. And while I LOVE the unnatural bright green of a generic mint chocolate chip ice cream, you and I won’t find that bright color in a Salt & Straw scoop. This is only the good stuff.

Let's Get Ready for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs By Visiting Their Disneyland Shop! Salt and Straw flavors

On my visit to Downtown Disney’s scoop shop, I was wooed immediately by the full descriptions posted outside the store of the flavors being offered. I could stand outside and get my bearings and read all the words without holding up a line. And we need all the time we can get to soak in Salt & Straw’s offerings. It’s not everyday that we see flavors like Honey Lavender, Arbequina Olive Oil, and Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, after all.

Let's Get Ready for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs By Visiting Their Disneyland Shop! Salt & Straw's scoops

On my trip to Disneyland’s Salt & Straw, I chose two of the most popular flavors, and also their mint flavor because I adore all things mint, and one of their special seasonal offerings as well. Again, this the kind of research I love. Let’s break down the flavors that I had and exactly what makes them stand out from others.

The most popular flavors among those offered at Salt & Straw are Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (all one title), Double Fold Vanilla, and Chocolate Gooey Brownie. Of course, we need to start with a couple that peeps love most, so here goes:

Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: “Our housemade cookie dough is perfectly salty thanks to two types of salt. Thick malted fudge rounds it all out.” This first flavor throws down the gauntlet. You’ll understand from the word GO that you’ve leveled up to an altogether different ice cream space. This flavor leads with malt, so if you’re a fan of Whoppers and malt in general, you’ll love this. The richness and depth of the cookie dough itself makes me think that it’s made with browned butter, and browned butter can do absolutely no wrong. Though the flavor is made with two different kinds of salt, it’s not too salty. And the added chunks of chocolate are the icing on the cake.

Chocolate Gooey Brownie: “For anyone who eats brownies warm right out of the pan. Housemade marshmallow fluff keeps our brownies supremely fudgy.” I have professed my love of chocolate time and again throughout my adventures in the Saturday Snacks series. This flavor was a no-brainer to choose, and I’m so glad that I did. The chocolate ice cream base of this flavor is what you’ve always wanted chocolate ice cream to be. No joke. It’s amazing. Add a generous amount of chewy brownie chunks throughout and you’ve got an amazingly satisfying scoop of ice cream. The only thing I’d add is for the marshmallow fluff to be a bit more prominent.

Freckled Mint TCHO-colate Chip (v): “Coconut and pure Oregon mint oil coalesce into a delicate, floral ice cream, freckled with organic chocolate from San Francisco’s craft chocolate godfather.” You had me at “pure Oregon mint oil.” I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that I needed it. And I was right. While Freckled Mint isn’t that comforting shade of seafoam green that I know and love, it is completely refreshing and simply delightful. And just in case you were worried: the mint flavor in no way tastes toothpaste-ish. I know that sometimes mint can lean toward toothpaste, but this is just straight-up, lovely mint. The chocolate used in this flavor is delicate and is broken into the smallest of pieces, thus the name. This flavor is vegan as well.

Wild-Foraged Berry Slab Pie: “Close your eyes and imagine classic berry pie à la mode: Wild berries plucked from the alpine slopes of Mt. Baker in Washington, simmered into an ooey-gooey filling, then slathered across crispy bits of double-baked pie crust and strewn about a salted vanilla ice cream, Jackson Pollock-style.” Salt & Straw’s description? Yep. That. The salted vanilla ice cream base of this seasonal flavor is really lovely and, well, creamy. The chunks of fresh berries lend a brightness to the scoop, although I found myself wishing there was a bit more of them. The double-baked pie crust woven throughout the flavor? Soooo very good. The crust adds a crunch, and more crunch in a scoop of ice cream is always a plus in my book.

Salt & Straw offers seasonal, limited-time flavors throughout the year, with this summer’s flavors created to go with the “Berries, Berries, Berries” theme.

Let's Get Ready for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs By Visiting Their Disneyland Shop! Salt & Straw Disney Springs

While we don’t yet know all of the details surrounding Salt & Straw’s forthcoming Disney Springs location, we do know that some of the flavors will be inspired by and exclusive to the scoop shop’s Florida location. We’ll see flavors like The Salty Donut Guava & Cheese and Panther Coffee Chocolate Tres Leches when the shop opens, and we’ve been told that the over-the-top storefront will “scream ice cream.” Which if you ask me, is exactly what you want from an ice cream shop located in the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Let's Get Ready for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs By Visiting Their Disneyland Shop! Salt and Straw Disneyland

Scoops at the Disneyland Salt & Straw location will run you $6.95 for a single, $9.95 for a double, and $5.75 for a kids’ size. You can also pick up a pint for home for $12.95 or craft an ice cream flight (how fun is that?!) for $14.75. As soon as we get word regarding the pricing for the Disney Springs location, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Just in case you’d like to incorporate a little Salt & Straw research into your life before the arrival of the new Disney World location, you can go the route that Fiasco and Haley do and order pints of the sweet stuff to be sent right to your home. Everything comes packaged beautifully, and Fiasco and Haley said that it arrives completely frozen, so no need to fear that you’ll have melted ice cream on your hands. Can we all just adopt ordering pints of Salt & Straw as an official part of Walt Disney World trip planning? Yes, I believe we can. Ahem.

So don’t mind me; I’ll just be sitting here on the pavement in front of what’s to become Salt & Straw’s first Central Florida location as I wait for the big day. I just can’t wait.

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