Walt Disney World Character Meet-and-Greet Guide: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Continuing with our series on meeting the Disney characters in the parks, we have now reached Disney’s Hollywood Studios or as some people call it “Construction Land”. This is still my favourite park, and I can easily fill an entire day there. I see people’s point about attractions closing down, but there is still a ton of fun to have in the park. Character meet-and-greets are a fantastic way to fill your day here. Plus, there is the added bonus that this is the only place in Walt Disney World where you can meet some of these characters.

Just like last time, for the purpose of this article we will only talk about characters in specific locations, with no character breakfasts or special access needed to meet them. Also, it should be noted not all characters here will sign autographs so make sure to take note before going. You don’t want a disappointed child or Husband because Chewbacca didn’t sign their book.

Woody’s Picture Shootin’ Corral

Photo c Disney Screenshot

Photo (c) Disney Screenshot

Who doesn’t love Toy Story? I get excited just thinking about this meet-and-greet because it’s just so much fun. Like many of Disney’s Hollywood Studios meet-and-greets this one is held inside. The easiest way to find it is follow the massive amount of guests going to Toy Story Mania, and when you get there turn around and face thre windows behind you. You will see the smiling faces of Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Like Toy Story Mania, this attraction can have a long line, but I can not express enough about how much it’s worth it. These characters are great.

Outside you will also find the Green Army Men from the movie. They are busy having silly adventures but are really just waiting for you to stop them for a picture. If you don’t immediately see them just wait a moment, and they will be by. There is never a wait, and you can just walk right up to them, but be warned… they can be really goofy.

The Green Army Men and Woody will sign autographs, but Buzz usually just has a stamp.

Star Wars Launch Bay

Photo c Disney Screenshot

Photo (c) Disney Screenshot

If anyone in your family is a Star Wars fan, you have to drop by the new Star Wars Launch Bay. Old School Star Wars fan might be a little disappointed because you used to be able to meet Darth Vader here, but he is off doing other things for the time being. We all know he will make some kind of appearance in the new Star Wars land, so he won’t be gone forever. Until then don’t worry because there are still two fantastic characters to meet here. In the Star Wars Launch Bay you can meet Chewbacca over on The Light Side, and Kylo Ren on The Dark Side. Two fantastic characters every Star Wars fans should meet. Just note the lines can get long here… real long. Try to go when the park opens if you can.

Sometimes you can also meet Stormtroopers here, but many times they are to busy on patrol to stop for photos. It should also be noted that no character here will sign an autograph.

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Center Stage Courtyard

Photo c Disney Screenshot

Photo (c) Disney Screenshot

Looking to meet some classic characters in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? This is where you will find Chip, Dale, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy. Obviously they aren’t all there having a party at the same time, so check with Disney for appearance times on your trip. All these characters will sign an autograph as well.

Animation Courtyard

Photo c Disney Screenshot

Photo (c) Disney Screenshot

If you have really young children this will probably be top of your character meet-and-greet list. Here your family can meet Doc McStuffins, Jake (NeverLand Pirates), Sofia the First and Minnie Mouse. Make sure to check with Disney information for who is appearing at what time. With the exception of Minnie Mouse, you aren’t going to find these characters in many places. There is a character breakfast we will cover in a future article, but besides that, this is where you can make your little child’s dream come true.

The lines are split to meet them, and the lines can sometimes get a little long. If you see a long line up don’t worry. The cast members keep these lines moving pretty quickly, and all of the characters will sign autographs.

Sorcerer’s Workshop

Photo c Disney Screenshot

Photo (c) Disney Screenshot

Any true Disney fan would not pass up a chance to meet the big… well little, mouse himself; Mickey Mouse. Here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios your whole family can meet Sorcerer Mickey. How much fun is that? I’ve heard people say the line up can get long for him, but I’ll be honest I have never seen one longer than 15 minutes.

He does sign autographs.

Photo c Disney Screenshot

Photo (c) Disney Screenshot

You have to hurry if you want to catch James P. Sullivan (Sulley) and Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. As of April 2, 2016 they will go on vacation for awhile with the new construction starting. This is a fantastic meet-and-greet because you get two characters with one wait, and you can’t find them many places in Walt Disney World. There are never more than 4 or 5 families waiting to see them, and they really take their time with the guests. It’s just a great spot.

Neither of these characters sign autographs either.

Soon to Come…

Photo c Disney Parks Blog

Photo (c) Disney Parks Blog

The internet recently jumped for joy at the news that Olaf is coming to the parks. He will be in the Echo Lake District. Disney hasn’t announced when, but it will be sooner rather than later. This new location will actually have rotating characters, but I have a feeling Olaf will be popular. He will probably be there for a long time.

Disney Parks Blog also recently announced that just off Commissary Lane you will soon be able to find Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. At the time of this article there was no arrival date announced.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios may not have as many character meet-and-greets as Magic Kingdom, but it does have some interesting characters that you can’t find anywhere else. You may be able to find Donald Duck in every park but you can’t find the Disney Junior characters everywhere. A lot of guests are scared they can’t fill a day of fun here, but add in some characters and you will be surprised how fast your day fills up. Now go out and meet some new or old friends.

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