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What Is the Best Walt Disney World Value Resort for a Solo Adult?

What Is the Best Walt Disney World Value Resort for a Solo Adult? Pop Century Resort 60's Building

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Key Takeaway
When considering value resorts for a solo adult trip to Disney, the majority of forum members recommend Pop Century. Pop Century is praised for its convenient location, access to the Skyliner, and generally quieter atmosphere compared to All-Star resorts. Some contributors also suggest considering renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points for resorts like Saratoga Springs or looking into a split stay for a mix of quieter and budget-friendly options.


  • The original poster (OP95) is planning a solo trip to Disney in November and is specifically looking for value resorts.
  • The two main options considered are All-Star Movies and Pop Century. Concerns include noise levels, as the OP prefers spending rest days at the resort.
  • Recommendations from forum members include renting DVC points, with Saratoga Springs mentioned as having good rates.
  • Pop Century receives several endorsements for being suitable for solo travelers. The Skyliner access, convenience, and generally smaller crowds are highlighted as positives.
  • Other suggestions include considering Caribbean Beach Resort (CBR) for a more adult-friendly atmosphere, and the recommendation to stay moderate if the budget allows.
  • Some contributors emphasize the importance of requesting a non-connecting room for quieter stays at value resorts.
  • The idea of a split stay is proposed, suggesting a combination of a quieter resort for part of the stay and a value resort to save money.
  • Safety considerations for solo travelers are discussed, with recommendations for staying where the lobby and rooms are in the same building for better security.
  • The discussion expands to cover experiences at different resorts, including Old Key West, Boardwalk, and Swan/Dolphin.
  • A range of opinions is shared, covering preferences for certain resorts, noise concerns, and solo travel experiences.
  • The thread also touches on renting DVC points for studios and considerations for a longer trip, including factors like noise, room types, and resort amenities.
  • Overall, the thread provides a comprehensive discussion on the best value resorts for solo adults, taking into account factors like budget, noise levels, and personal preferences.

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