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Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World

Rumor has it that "Hidden Mickeys" were started as in inside joke of the Disney Imagineers. No matter if they were intentional or accidental, there's nothing like spotting one to bring a smile.

There are two types of "Hidden Mickeys." The first section is devoted to the ones that require a bit of detective work to spot. The second section are those "not so hidden Mickeys" that are still fun to find.



Astro Orbiter


On the far side, look for an indentation in the cement

 Look closely at the side facing Space Mountain


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Three rusty gears lying on the grass as you reenter the station

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Look at the continents on the planet to your right as you enter

Look for the same planet on the left further along

On the ride, look to the left in the room with the batteries

Look for the planet again in the space video room

As you pass the space video room, look straight ahead to see the planet one last time

Carousel of Progress

In the last scene, find the Mickey nutcracker, the Mickey Mouse doll and on the kitchen counter, the object with Mickey ears

Columbia Harbor House

Main dining room—framed map on wall is comprised of three circular sections

The Haunted Mansion

 Border around a portrait in the first room of the entrance

Ballroom scene—arrangement of plate and adjoining saucers on the banquet table

Graveyard scene—left hand of the grim reaper forms a Mickey outline with his fingers

"It’s A Small World"

Africa scene—purple flowers on a vine on the elephant’s left side

Jungle Cruise

Side of plane

Temple—arrangement of three plates

Liberty Tree Tavern

Rear wall of the waiting area

Liberty Square Riverboat

Stocks near the entrance

Mickey’s Star Traders

Behind the statue of MICKEY MOUSE—a constellation in the shape of Steamboat Willie

Peter Pan’s Flight

Take a close look at the bark of the trees just before the entrance queue

The Pinocchio Village Haus

BLUE FAIRY Room—dark blue sparkle painted above the banner

Pirates of the Caribbean

Treasure Room—iron work on the bottom of  four lamps on the left side, one located on each of two columns and  two more located on either side of the archway walls

The lock on the jail cell

Splash Mountain

"Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" scene—look at the pink clouds to the right of the riverboat

Profile of Mickey as you ascend to the big drop

Past Brer Frog, the fishing bobber

Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Take Flight! Display—woman getting her hair done has mouse ears on her belt buckle

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

Last scene—nutcracker on fireplace

Last scene—plush toy peeking out of present

Last scene—wrapping paper

Last scene—white pepper mill on kitchen counter

Last scene—painting on back wall is an abstract version of MICKEY MOUSE from Fantasia


The American Adventure

Lobby—painting of wagon train heading west—above the front leg of the foremost oxen


"Impressions de France"—in the background of the wedding party scene, center of second-floor window on the house

Junkanoo Bus

Back side of the bus—above the stairs

The Land

Living with the Land—bubbles in the middle of the mural in the queue

Living with the Land—three circles near bottom of mural directly across from loading area

Living with the Land—in the film montage after the farm scene, on the nametags of Epcot greenhouse technicians in one of the pictures

The Circle of Life—small stones in front of the Native-American man on a horse

The Circle of Life—baseball cap of the man driving a harvester


Gran Fiesta Tour —arrangement of three clay pots in the marketplace scene

Spaceship Earth

Renaissance Italy scene—on the page of a book behind the sleeping monk

Hat in the teenage boy’s bedroom

Alarm clock in the same room

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Cover Story

Outside the building—in the decorative border above the first floor

The Disney Studio Store

Center of the shop—the three circular platforms


The Great Movie Ride

Ride loading area—in the Hollywood Hills mural, a profile of MINNIE MOUSE can be seen above the roof of the gazebo

Gangster Alley—on the billboard

Gangster Alley—in the window above the bank

Well of Souls—on the hieroglyphics wall opposite Indiana Jones™ (four familiar characters may be noticed here)

Hollywood & Vine

In "San Fernando Valley" wall mural

Hollywood Plaza

The plaza and surrounding buildings in front of the Chinese Theater—when viewed from the air

Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3D

Outside fountain—an inflatable toy raft

Queue area—"Top five reasons for turning in your 3D glasses" sign

Lobby video—test pattern the second time Scooter crosses the screen

Final scene—balloons

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Waiting area—a spot on the Dalmatian

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Lobby—between the doors that have marble panels, before entering the next room, there are two sets of three small circles in the floor tiles, unlike any of the other tile pieces in the room

Lobby—poster of the "8th Street Kidz Band" featuring rock singer "Jesse Camp" wearing a denim jacket with a Mickey Mouse patch in the upper left hand corner

Rosie’s All-American Cafe

Order area—head shape in the gauges of a welding torch

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Waiting area—on a purple folder found on the bulletin board

Tree—the shape is in sculpted branches located to the left rear of the screen above the kitchen area

Stage 1 Company Store

A pair of shorts hanging from the clothesline hanging over the counter

Star Tours

Queue area—on "phone directory" sign at front

"The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

Entrance area—just before you go inside on main balcony designs

Library video— little girl in elevator holding a MICKEY MOUSE plush

Library—on sheet music

Boiler room—water stain on the wall, just after the queue splits

At the doors to the final drop—in a swirl of stars



The Boneyard

Wooly mammoth dig site—fan with two hardhats

Playground—in soft ground covering under the ground-level drinking fountain

Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures

Mr. Imagination cement dinosaur sculpture just outside the store—on the right side of the dino’s neck is a gold Steamboat Willie pin

Conservation Station

The main building contains more than 25 Hidden Mickeys. Look in the eyes of animals in the entrance mural, on butterfly and insect wings and bodies, and in the tree trunks of the rain forest

Neonatal Care section—on the back wall of the green room, a flower to the left of the blue koala

Neonatal Care section—on the back wall of the pink room, in the bubbles near the ceiling

Neonatal Care section—white fluffy clouds in the light blue sky

Song of the Rainforest—on the back of a cockroach in the queue waiting area


Building entrance—in wall mural depicting Florida’s Cretaceous-era wildlife. Look on the bark of the painted tree in the far left background

Building entrance—under wall mural, three "floating" water lilies

Photo imaging pick-up—in Carnotaurus wall mural. In a shadow under a fold in the dinosaur’s lower jaw

Cretaceous Trail

On the back of the large red and green "picture" dinosaur

Harambe Village

To the right of Tamu Tamu Refreshments—utility cover with pebbles in the ground forming the ears

Harambe Fruit Market—section of cement poured into shape of MICKEY MOUSE’s head

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Naked mole rat building—in reflection of lights in the central display case near the wall

Naked mole rat building—on "Asepso" box on desk to the right of the building’s entrance

Naked mole rat building—on a backpack in the far left-hand corner of the room


In the camouflage room—spots of the leopard in the wall mural


In the "plaster room"—MINNIE MOUSE ears in white plaster hanging over entrance to the "bunk room"

Wildlife Express Train to Africa

Conservation Station Train Station—in the rafters where the cross-beams connect

Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney's Animal Kindgom Lodge

Resort front entrance—Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) totem pole

Front door—Rivet


Lobby—Log columns


Lobby vestibule—Leopard painting

Victoria Falls—Rockwork

Slide stairway—Pool deck rockwork

Rear of Slide—Pool deck rockwork

Flamingo overlook—Pool deck rockwork

The Mara—Pool deck wall

The Mara—Leaf painting

Jiko—Stream outside (looking through window from inside Jiko)

Jiko—Pizza oven

Boma—Chair backs

Child activity area—Mural

Health Club—Elevator to health club

Arusha Rock—Carved giraffe

Arusha Rock—Animal overlook

Arusha Rock—Spiral staircase vine

Guest room—Corridor carpet

Guest room—Bedspreads

Deluxe Guest room—Drapes

Disney's Beach Club Resort

Near Ariel’s—figure sitting on hallway sand castle picture

In Guest rooms—on bedspreads, in bubbles

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

On Cross Country Creek—in the stonework of a bridge behind Summit Plummet

Disney's BoardWalk

Lobby—miniature carousel—on several of the horses

Lobby—on top of some lamps

Lobby—in wicker on back rests of a couch

Disney's BoardWalk Villas—in rug pattern in front of elevators (on all floors)

Disney's BoardWalk Villas—pattern in door lamps in front of each room

Disney's Contemporary Resort

Parking lot—floral arrangement of a MICKEY MOUSE watch

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

The Dig Site—in the walls on either side of the pool’s entrance

Guest rooms—yellow sheets of stationery (several images of MICKEY MOUSE appear)

Room Service menu

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Convention center—weather vane

Disney's Magnolia Course

The sixth hole—a sand bunker

Disney's Polynesian Resort

Main lobby—design in the flagstone floor

Disney's Port Orleans Resort- Riverside Region

In the check-in areas—in the wood latticework above the destinations and on either side of the giant fans

Disney's Vero Beach Resort

In the Island Grove Packing Company – mural on the wall – three oranges strategically placed in the upper right corner.

In the Island Grove Packing Company – antique pick-up truck cab mounted on the wall. If you look in the rear-view mirror, you will find a MICKEY MOUSE shape

In the lobby on all of the orange trees – some oranges feature one large orange with two smaller oranges on the top

Mural behind the resort front desk –  features three oranges in a MICKEY MOUSE shape

Disney's Wedding Pavilion

Stepping stones leading up to the Pavilion

Design on speakers

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Artist Point, right-hand mural—coloration of lower right-hand tree varies creating shape

Artist Point—cloud in the distance of the left-hand mural

Cub’s Den—guitar in painting near the entrance to the movie area

Cub’s Den—plush in teepee of painting across from the one mentioned above

Cub’s Den—white marking on the brown cow in the left-hand cattle painting as you enter

Library area—in the back side of the lobby fireplace is another fireplace on the next level; on the door of the screen of that fireplace are two sets of acorns which are highlighted by a curved surface, connect the curved surface

Lobby—in a key on display between the front desk and Mercantile merchandise shop

Lobby—right-hand side of fireplace just below the red rocks

Mercantile—outside, the bus driver on the sign showing the resort transportation location

Outside entrance—right, inside support post below iron band at top

Outside entrance—right, outside support post below iron band at top

Territory Lounge—colored area on rear end of a pony in mural on ceiling

Territory Lounge—map at the entrance, one of the pots about two feet from the bottom

Whispering Canyon Cafe—in bottom ironwork of fireplace in back room


Disney's Days of Christmas—Fairy Room—white trim near ceiling

Village Square—fountain shoots up water in the pattern of MICKEY MOUSE every few minutes

Map of DOWNTOWN DISNEY Marketplace—outside World of Disney—group of three trees


Comedy Warehouse—right wall (facing the stage)—clock and two drums

Comedy Warehouse—lower left wall (facing the stage)—three signs

Rock ’N Roll Beach Club—three CDs above the DJ’s booth

Warehouse—three tires on the outside wall facing DOWNTOWN DISNEY West Side


Cirque du Soleil—men's restroom outside near ticket booths—small black floor tiles immediately inside the entrance door



Cinderella’s Royal Table

Dinnerware—on the crest

Horse Cars (on Main Street, U.S.A.)

Horses’ bridles—blinders

Main Street Confectionery

Candy-making room—the trim of the white cupboards

Main Street Railroad Station

Front of the station—the flower arrangement

Above the station—in the flag

Sir Mickey’s

On the store’s sign

Splash Mountain

On the cover of the telephone boxes used by the attraction’s Hosts and Hostesses


FriendShip Launches

On life vest signs

Disney-MGM Studios

Crossroads of The World

On the globe above the shop

"Earffel Tower"

MICKEY MOUSE ears on the water tower

Holding a clapboard on the sign below the ears

Entrance area

On grassy hill near boat dock—several planting arrangements

In the metal entrance gates

The Magic of Disney Animation

Front of the attraction—climbing the sign in

Resort Area


Power station tower near I-4

Disney's All-Star Music Resort

Country Fair—boots

Country Fair—bolo ties

Jazz Inn courtyard—on top of the cymbals

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

On trash cans

Touchdown! courtyard—planter in the center courtyard

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

MICKEY MOUSE ears on the snow child on display

Disney's Contemporary Resort

Inside main entrance arches

Chef Mickey’s—in sign and cut-out figures encircling walls

Convention Center—statue of MICKEY MOUSE shaking hands with Leopold Stokowski

Fun Center—clothes of some famous Disney characters are hanging from the ceiling

Outside near Bay Lake—silver metal structure with MICKEY MOUSE sitting on giant ears

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Tri-Circle D Ranch—signs and gates

Disney's Old Key West Resort

In the woodwork of railings in various buildings throughout the Resort

The sun in the Disney Vacation Club logo

Disney's Polynesian Resort

On the sign outside the arcade

Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Campfire Ring area - MICKEY MOUSE shapes on backs of the benches

Fence posts surrounding the pool –  MICKEY MOUSE shapes cut into the top of the fence posts

Pirate's Plunge pool area –  MICKEY MOUSE shapes in the wrought iron fencing

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Walking on "Bear Crossing" sign on road to main entrance

Wilderness Lodge Mercantile—on totem pole


In entrance archway signs

Art of Disney—sign

Toys Fantastic—in mural inside shop

Along the waterfront—in the green wrought-iron tables and chairs

Fantasia Gardens

Tee-off mats

Gateway Entrance Signs (at entry roads of the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort)

In purple background behind each character

Miscellaneous Locations

Manhole covers

Merchandise receipts

Monorails (WDW insignia on each cab)

Pizza delivery menus of some WDW Resorts

Road signs

Room keys of WDW Resorts

Security vehicles

Survey markers

Telephone book covers at pay telephones

Topiary figures

Utility covers

WDW insignia flags


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