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Disney Honeymoons and Weddings

Walt Disney World is one of the top ranking Honeymoon destinations for newly married couples.

Disney offers a Honeymoon Registry. Once you've registered, friends and family can contribute towards your Disney Honeymoon.

This complimentary service is offered to all, even if you aren't having a Disney Wedding and you didn't book one the Honeymoon packages that Disney offers. Whether you book a "room only" or regular package, or if you use a Travel Agent, Disney Vacation Club points, or plan a Disney Cruise, you can register your Honeymoon.

In order to register, you must have your Disney Honeymoon booked and it must be registered at least 15 days prior to arrival. (You can call a Disney Honeymoon Registry Counselor if you are within 15 days of arrival, or contact them via the link on the website.)

Honeymooners can choose their gifts from a "wish list." Spa treatments, evening entertainment, recreation, dining, as well as "Magic Money" that can be used at their discretion are among the options.

The "Magic Money" Disney Honeymoon Gift Card will have a special logo and a maximum balance of $3,000. (This can be replenished at any time throughout the registry.)

The Honeymoon has certain restrictions. While it can be used onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships, it cannot be used to book a Disney Cruise. It also cannot be used at:

The Rainforest Cafe does not accept the Gift Card, but they do allow you to charge to your room when staying at a Disney Resort. Once back at your resort, you can have your Gift Card applied. (This is the same policy for any restaurant that cannot take the Gift Card but will let you charge to the room.)

When friends or family members make their selection, they will be able to print out a card which can be presented to the happy couple.

Should the Honeymoon be postponed or canceled, gift funds bought through the registry will be applied to the Disney Gift Card for Honeymoons and is non-refundable. The Gift Card does not expire.



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