Disney Theme Park

Orlando Aerial Photographs

These Photographs were taken during a 17 minute helicopter ride around Orlando. They are labeled at the top left of the page. Unfortunately, the Magic Kingdom still has a 3 mile no fly zone.

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1 Discovery-Cove_01 Discovery-Cove_02
Discovery-Cove_03 Disney_All-Star-Resort Disney_All-Star-Resort_01
Disney_Animal-Kingdom_01 Disney_Animal-Kingdom_02 Disney_Best-Western-LBV_01
Disney_Best-Western-LBV_02 Disney_Blizzard-Beach_01 Disney_Caribbean-Beach_01
Disney_Coronado_01 Disney_Coronado_02 Disney_Doubletree
Disney_Epcot-Resort-Area_01 Disney_Epcot-Resort-Area_02 Disney_Epcot_01
Disney_Epcot_03 Disney_Hilton Disney_Holiday-Inn_01
Disney_Holiday-Inn_02 Disney_Hotel-Plaza-Blvd Disney_MGM_01
Disney_MGM_02 Disney_MGM_03 Disney_MGM_04
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Below is the company that we used to rent the helicopter.
Florida Helicopters Inc
8990 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819