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When it Rains on Your Parade
The poncho: a standard piece of Disney park bag equipment found on every single “what to pack” list there is. Anyone familiar with Florida weather will immediately understand why, but let’s explore your options for traveling amidst torrential downpours and storms while in Disney. While a flimsy yet fashionable sheet of plastic will keep you dry, there are several things you can do to be prepared for a rainy day in the park. read more...

Rainy Day Weather Activities at Disney World
You've spent months planning, your itinerary is set, you arrive at Disney World and the deluge begins. While weather is unpredictable, there are certain times of year, particularly the summer months, when a quick afternoon thunderstorm is the norm. read more...

Keeping Cool at Walt Disney World
There's hot and then there's Florida in the summer where the humidity and the temperature can reach triple digits. Naturally, these hotter months are when school is out, which means that many will head to Walt Disney World. Heat and crowds are not a great combo, but it can be manageable if you prepare for it. read more...

Disney World Summer Touring Tips and Strategies
It’s summer in Orlando, and here’s a news flash; it’s hot and crowded in the theme parks! Temperatures can easily climb into the 90s with a heat index into the 100s. Crowd levels at the theme parks can build throughout the day. For many theme park veterans this is not surprising, but for the first-time visitor...read more

Top Three Tips for When the Rain Comes at Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World is in Central Florida, and chances are that during your trip it will rain. However, rain does not have to ruin your day. In fact, it can make your day better. Here are three tips to help you get through the rain at Walt Disney World...read more

Orlando WDW Weather Averages
MONTH Avg. High's Avg. Low's Avg. Rainfall
January 72 50 2.43
February 74 51 2.35
March 79 56 3.54
April 83 60 2.42
May 88 66 3.74
June 91 71 7.35
July 92 73 7.15
August 92 73 6.25
September 90 72 5.76
October 85 65 2.73
November 79 59 2.32
December 73 53 2.31

Florida Hurricanes and Your Vacation
Disney has instituted the following policy for guests who have booked either a package or room only reservation at any of the Orlando Disney owned resorts as well as the Disney resorts in Vero Beach and Hilton Head: Click Here.