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Oceaneer Club - Disney Cruise Line

The Oceaneer Club is the place where your kids (ages 3-12) will want to spend all their time on a Disney Cruise. The fantastical decor will transport them to the wonderful world of fairies, monsters, toys and undersea journeys. The Club and Lab are connected with a secure, kids-only hallway, so children can go between the two areas freely.

The Club is set up with a central rotunda as the hub, and the other rooms branch off from there.  The rotunda's ceiling is covered with constellations of Disney characters.  A stage allows kids to express their creativity and storytelling, plus is the perfect place to host the Disney characters when they visit!  A large-screen plasma TV show movies and occasionally allows Crush the turtle to come visit and chat with the kids!

There are activites featuring some of your favorite Disney characters, including friends from Disney Junior. Kids can become doctors at Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital, build cars during Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers, have a tea party while they Fancy It Yourself with Fancy Nancy, or show their moves at the Dancelvania Dance Party with Vampirina.

On Castaway Cay, a special kid's play area called Scuttle's Cove is open from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. On this day, kids can ONLY be checked into the club at Scuttle's Cove - there is no onboard program until after 4:00. Plenty of fun activities are planned, including a "dig" and treasure hunt. Parents can be assured that Scuttle's Cove is not near the water, and that kids checked into the program on Castaway Cay will not be taken near the water by the counselors.  Lunch will be served at Scuttle's Cove as well.Parents and children must check-in and out at the desk and security is of the utmost importance here. The Oceaneer Club is for children 3 to 12 years of age and they must be toilet-trained. 

Disney Dream and Fantasy

Andy's Room

Kids are shrunk down to the size of toys in a replica of Andy's room from Toy Story. The room is filled with giant size toys, including Rex the dinosaur, Hamm the pig, and a workable Mr. Potato Head.  An interactive Slinky Dog includes a plexiglass tube around the slinky so kids climb all the way through.

Monsters Academy

(Disney Fantasy only) Welcome to the town of Monstropolis!  This Monsters, Inc. theme room consists of a themed play structure and computers with interactive games.

Disney Infinity Game Room

(Disney Dream only) Children can interact with a complete set of Disney Infinity characters—and with each other—at this high-tech play area inspired by the popular video game. Bringing virtual gaming into the real world, Disney Infinity Toy Box invites kids to take the place of their favorite character figures by standing atop a life-size Disney Infinity Base during gameplay. Children can even unlock exclusive Disney Cruise Line content to enjoy when playing Disney Infinity at home.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon

(Disney Dream only) Join the Rebel Alliance! Kids can step inside the cockpit of Han Solo’s beloved starship and pilot the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” throughout the Star Wars universe. Capturing the excitement of the iconic film saga, this intergalactic play area also features arts and crafts, a large-screen TV that broadcasts Star Wars Rebel, and computer stations loaded with games from the Disney XD series.

Pixie Hollow

The Tinkerbell themed room represents the magical fairy world.  Kids will enjoy playing dress up, making crafts and listening to stories here.  A focal point of the room is the pixie dust tree, full of twinkles lights and surrounded by acorn and mushroom stools.

Explorer Pod

(Disney Fantasy only): This room is themed with the colors of Finding Nemo - blue and yellow.  A small submarine contains computer stations for kids to play interactive games, alone or in a group.  Outside the submarine are virtual sea scenes for the kids to explore.

Disney Magic

Andy's Room

 Kids are shrunk down to the size of toys in a replica of Andy's room from Toy Story.  The room is filled with giant size toys, including Hamm the pig and a workable Mr. Potato Head. There is a 2-story replica of Andy's bed with a Slinky Dog slide coming down from the top.

Avengers Academy

Children will be in charge of a command post directing the Avengers' secret missions and training.

Mickey Mouse Club

This room is decorated in red, yellow and black. Kids will make crafts and play games, as well as test out Goofy's Gears, an oversized activity center with magnetic, spinning gears to play with.

Pixie Hollow

The Tinkerbell themed room represents the magical fairy world.  Kids will enjoy playing dress up, making crafts and listening to stories here.  A focal point of the room is the pixie dust tree, full of twinkles lights and surrounded by acorn and mushroom stools.


Disney Wonder

Stepping through the doorway of the Oceaneer Club, you will find yourself transported into another world. The children can climb and slide in the play area, dress up as their favorite Princess, villain or pirate, watch Disney movies, play games, create at the Lego table or play in the computer lab where the large mouse is specifically designed for the little ones. There's even a stage for impromptu performances and games.  There are scheduled activities, but it's up to the children what they want to do.  If they enjoy free play, there is time for that as well.  Children can stay here for as much or as little time as they like. The problem will be trying to get them to leave! There are fun, supervised activities featured throughout the cruise. Here are some of the highlights that children may experience:

Other fun in the Oceaneer Club includes:

Marvel Super Hero Academy

“young trainees will learn the value of teamwork, bravery and problem solving through hands-on play and programs” with the help of Marvel Super Heroes. Spider-Man will visit to help kids develop their Spidey Senses. Some of the other Marvel characters will join in the fun on a digital screen. Kids can use special software to control the characters’ movements.

Frozen Adventures 

Olaf will join in digitally and lead “summery games with a wintery twist and a sing-a-long of ‘In Summer.’” Kids will get ready for coronation day and a visit from Anna and Elsa.

Club Disney Junior

Disney Junior activities, including visits from Doc McStuffins, Fancy Nancy, and Vampirina, plus storytelling and games.

Andy’s Room

A multi-level play area themed around the Toy Story films. Woody and Jessie will stop by to play, lead a hoedown, and join a scavenger hunt.


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