Monday Merch Meeting: Aprons, Lanyards, Figurines, Easter, Skyliner & More

Ah, there you are! I’ve been waiting very impatiently for you to arrive so this week’s Monday Merch Meeting can begin. We have a ton to get through, and I am absolutely busting to show you my new obsession. And no, it’s not another dress or ear headband.

We will get to the good stuff in a minute, but first, let’s start with a new Dooney & Bourke launch that brings new life to the Skyliner.

Disney Skyliner Dooney & Bourke

The new Disney Skyliner Dooney & Bourke Tote Bag, $268, and Disney Skyliner Dooney & Bourke Satchel, $268, dropped just a few hours ago with a fresh new design featuring Walt Disney world’s Skyliner. Check out the Tote and Satchel below.

Disney Parks Chibi Loungefly Wallet & Backpack

If you are thinking, Chibi? What? You aren’t alone. At first, I wasn’t super into this one, but over the last hour or so, while I was waiting for you, it’s sort of grown on me. The Disney Parks Chibi Loungefly Wallet, $50, and Disney Parks Chibi Mini Loungefly Backpack, $75, are available now.

New Minnie Mouse Ear Headbands

Okay, so there are a few new headbands, and let’s face it, it would be wrong of me not to show you. Especially when the Minnie Mouse Floral Ear Headband – Poppies and Lace, $29.99, and Minnie Mouse Ear Headband with Bow – Tweed & Pearl, $29.99 are so darn cute!

Stitch and Angel Mini Loungefly Backpack

Yes, another Loungefly backpack; it is Monday, after all. The Stitch and Angel Mini Loungefly Backpack, $75, is available for all the Stitch fans out there looking for that perfect accessory.

Loungefly Lanyards

Lanyards. Lanyards/ Lanyards. Did you know if you say it enough times late at night, you can convince yourself that it’s not even a word at all? That’s me right now. New Lanyards are here, and some of them are pretty cute!

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Mug

I know we all have enough Disney mugs by now, but look at how adorable this one is! Just look at it! Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Mug, $19.99. Do it now!!

Disney Couture de Force Collection Figurines

I saw these new figurines this morning, Alice Couture De Force Figurine, $79.99, and Aurora Couture De Force Figurine – Sleeping Beauty, $79.99, both beautiful in detail and part o the Disney Couture de Force Collection.

Jim Shore Figures

Jom Shore has released four new figurines to suit your next special occasion. Check them out below.

Figurines from Britto

Cute, colorful, and a lower price-point, these Britto Figurines are great for kids or the collector that enjoys a brighter design. I will be looking out for these more often and will let you know when more pop up.

Beauty and the Beast Home Decor and Accessories

The problem with these home decor collections is that you can’t buy just one piece without wanting the entire merchandise series. Some of these are so enchanting – get it? – that you won’t be able to resist.

Easter is Coming!

Get ahead of those Easter baskets you need to buy for by grabbing one of these plush character toys or mystery figurine Easter egg!

Kitchen Items

My inner feminist is passively-aggressively smirking, ready to argue that all of these kitchen accessories seem to be geared towards women, but she is being drowned out by my inner 1950’s housewife who is screaming, I WANT THEM ALL!

Meet my new obsession. Disney Aprons, Kitchen Towels & Oven Mitts. I have picked up a few over the years but never seen a mass release like this one. Enjoy.

Mickey Mouse Tropical Swimwear

You know me, tropical anything, and I am there. That means, as soon as I saw this tropical leaf pattern, there was no doubt it would make it onto the agenda for this week’s meeting.

Wow, can you believe we covered so much so quickly? Thanks for dropping in. I hope you have a fabulous week ahead, and I will see you again later in the week.

Meeting Adjourned!

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Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. After her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney Parks and traveling around the world. Zoë is the mother of two children and has a lot of experience in traveling long distances with kids and special needs. Join Zoë as she lets you in on all the tips, tricks, anecdotes, and embarrassments that arise from her family adventures.

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