Monday Merch Meeting: Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction, 2022 Grad, Electric Light Parade & More

Hey, hey. Fancy seeing you here, matey. Can you believe it has been seven whole days since we last got together to ooh and ahh over the latest Disney merch? I hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend if you celebrate it; if not, I hope you got in some family time and chocolate anyway.

Are you ready to tackle some huge Disney merch news with me? Let’s get started with the long-awaited Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction – Series 1, Space Mountain release. Woah, that was a mouthful.

Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction – Space Mountain

It’s here, and it will not last! You’ve been waiting for this one for months now, and even though we found it in the U.K. a few weeks back, there has been no sign of the U.S. release aside from the accidental release of the Series 2 pin a few weeks ago. Check over the Series 1, Space Mountain Collection below.

Stitch Summer Homeware

Are you getting the summer vibes started early? Check out this new range of Stitch homeware ready for your next picnic or gathering, including plates, pitchers, swizzle sticks, and more.

Mickey Mouse Icon World Showcase Mexico Coaster Set and Glass Tumbler

How cute are these colorful World Showcase Mexico glass tumblers and this coaster set? The glasses are sold singularly, so if you are looking for four of these to match your coasters, make sure you add the correct number to the cart.

Mickey Mouse ”Happy Birthday” Ear Hat for Adults

I often come across guests that are visiting the parks and looking to add something special to a birthday celebration. Look no further than the Mickey Mouse ”Happy Birthday” Ear Hat for Adults, $27.99; that will definitely add some birthday fun to your time in the parks and the photos you take home after.

Mickey Mouse Graduation Cap Ear Headband – Class of 2022

You’ve been waiting for it; the Mickey Mouse Graduation Cap Ear Headband – Class of 2022, $29.99 has now arrived. They snuck this one in a few days ago.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 45th Anniversary Pin – Limited Release

Add the new The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 45th Anniversary Pin – Limited Release, $17.99, to your pin collection and enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Dooney & Bourke Satchel Bag and Wallet

I have often been critical of the busy designs incorporated into some of the Dooney & Bourke lines over the last few years. It’s not that I don’t like them, far from it; more that they are often so specific that, for the price, I see limited uses for some of them. Today’s offering strikes me as the exception, with a new shape of satchel bag that sits apart from the rest, along with this timeless feeling 50th Anniversary design that would be a fun piece to team up with any casual outfit. See what you think below.

The Haunted Mansion Loungefly Mini Backpack & Wallet

As I write this, I’m sad to say that the Disney image links for this item are broken and not showing me what this one actually looks at. Knowing them, this will be fixed before many of you see this, though, as I will be well asleep by then; I’m just going to leave the link here for you: The Haunted Mansion Loungefly Mini Backpack, $75, and The Haunted Mansion Loungefly Wallet, $50. Let me know what you think when this one is visible, and I’ll check it out in my morning here down under.

Edited to add: Sure enough, over my evening the design has appeared. 🙂

Star Wars Homeware and Gifting

If you love a practical gift that has a fun theme, look at the Star Wars-themed homeware items and gifts in the list below. We have seen similar glassware before, but I know they never last long, so I am adding it in again.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Loungefly Mini Backpack – Disneyland

Looking for that perfect bag to show your Disneyland castle pride? Check out the new Sleeping Beauty Castle Loungefly Mini Backpack – Disneyland, $75. It’s very similar to a recent one they came out with, but who can have too many castle backpacks?

Coming Soon: Celebrate the Return of the ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ with Themed Merchandise

The Main Street Electrical Parade returns to Disneyland this week on April 22nd, and with it comes a new line of specialty merchandise that includes an adorable backpack and dress that has me saving my pennies already. This line will appear on, though we don’t know precisely when. If you see something you like, I’d be keeping an eye out on the 22nd, just in case they launch online and in the park at the same time.

Meanwhile, in Disney Springs

We are back for more things-I’d-like-to-eat at Disney Springs, and even though it isn’t precisely merch, I still feel obligated to show you my favorite things, even if they are edible. I want to eat this incredible-looking cupcake, and I don’t even like Disney cupcakes. I never do learn, do I?

If I wasn’t tired before, I certainly am now. Let me know your thoughts on that Haunted Mansion duo from Loungefly when the images start to load correctly. I am curious about that one. Have a great week ahead. You know where to find me on Wednesday. 🙂

Meeting Adjourned!

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