Your Disney Holiday Gift Guide – We’ve Got Something for Everyone!

The holidays have snuck up on us this year and with so many people to buy for, it can be hard to find the right gift for each person. This week, I thought we would take a look at a few things from Disney that might help cross some of those people off your to-do list. Let’s take a look.

Something for the Younger Kids

I used to love buying Disney toys for my kids when they were younger. They were just so much fun to play with, and my kids loved them, too. Here are a few picks for your younger kids that will keep everyone in good spirits this holiday season.

  • If I had a dollar for every cup of pretend tea or hot chocolate my daughter made me as a little girl, I would have a lot of dollars. Have a look at the Minnie Mouse Barista Play Set, $25, with everything your budding barista needs.

Something for Tweens:

Tweens: the third most difficult to buy for behind teens and older men that already have everything they need/want. Luckily, kids in this age range still enjoy interesting things and some of the more complex toys, unlike their older teen siblings who have made a career of being disinterested in everything on the planet. Here are a few gifts that might be worth a look for your tweens.

Something for Teens:

I see you, you crazy teenagers; I know you have to pretend that you hate everything but deep down inside, your Disney flag is flying high and I have a few things that are going to tempt a smile to cross the sternest of faces. Let’s take a look at a few Disney-themed gifts that might work for your teen.

Something for the Disney Cruise Liner:

This year, I’ve often thought that our DCL fan friends are the hardest hit by all the Disney/COVID commotion. I’ve got a few things that might give your Disney Cruise Line lover a little taste of the high seas for the holidays.

Something for the Aulani Ohana:

If your loved one likes to spread their aloha, be sure to pick up something Aulani-inspired for them to take on their next adventure. Here are a few from my own collection that I love.

Something for the Chef

Whether they enjoy entertaining or just spend a lot of time in the kitchen caring for the family, show your appreciation with a few of these fun gifts.

Something to Announce Your Vacation

If your big secret this holiday season is a future family trip to Disney, there are a couple of ways you might like to spill the beans. Here are a few props that might help you set the scene as they guess what is happening.

Something Unique For Someone who has Everything

Need to buy a fun gift for someone who has everything? We all have that one person that is tricky to buy for. Try a few of these unique options that your loved one probably doesn’t already have and might be a bit of fun to enjoy as well.

  • Not just a Mickey plush, I promise. The Mickey Mouse Vintage Holiday Plush – 18”, $26.99, is linked to the Make-A-Wish donation plan through shopDisney where 25% of all sales until January 31st, 2021 are being donated to Make-A-Wish. If your loved one isn’t in need, consider purchasing something with a donation attached, or making a donation directly in their name to a charitable foundation.

I hope you were able to find something for those in your family who are trickier to buy for.

Stuck on someone in particular? Let me know in the comments below and I will try to help you find the perfect Disney gift!

** Feature image: photo by Joshua Lam on Unsplash