Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids!

Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids! DCL-Not-For-Kids-1-2

I know. It’s Disney Cruise Line. Disney is for kids. Or, at the very least, for families. But is it really?

The first thing to think about is what time of the year to choose; not only that, but what port. Just to give you an example, I went on a southern Caribbean 7-day cruise that left from Puerto Rico in January. Children were far and few between.

There were a couple of reasons for this. Kids had just gone back to school from Christmas break, so parents were probably more reluctant to take them out during that time. Also, Puerto Rico, while technically a US port, is not the mainland, so you have to fly in. Parents are much more likely to want to leave from a US port with their children.

Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids! IMG_20180130_095414 IMG_20180130_095414

You should definitely be able to choose a cruise to increase your chances of encountering less children.

That aside, let’s say there are a lot of kids on your cruise. Don’t worry, even if you’re looking for a relatively child-free vacation you’re still not out of luck. Disney has special kids’ clubs for children of all ages. Most love these clubs and will hang out in those areas almost exclusively.

You can also choose the second rotational dining seating. Most people with kids prefer first dining. If you choose second, odds are there will be less children at dinner and at the premier show each night. (Usually, people who have second dining go to see the premier show while the first seating is eating, and vice versa.)

So lots of kids enjoy being in the kids’ clubs. Not only that, but the cruise ships all have adult-only areas.

Adult-Only Areas:

Each ship has adult-only spaces. This includes a pool, the coffee shop, the fitness center, the spa, several bars and the main event space after 10 pm.

The Quiet Cove Pool is an area for guests 18 and above and it’s open until midnight.

Right next to the Quiet Cove Pool is the Cove Cafe, a coffee bar for 18 and over. The Cafe serves specialty coffee, tea and complimentary snacks and pastries.

The fitness center is a great place to keep in shape while on vacation. Once again, this space is for those who are 18 and older. The treadmills provide a great view over the water. There are numerous fitness classes and training sessions available.

Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids! Disney-Wonder-Vista-Spa-Gym-003 (1) Disney-Wonder-Vista-Spa-Gym-003 (1)

Senses Spa is a great place to go to relax in an adult environment. The spa offers many services; from facials to massages to acupuncture, there is something for everyone. There are even some experiences offered for couples.

Each ship has their own array of bars and clubs. The Skyline is one of my favorites. Around the bar are video screens that show epic city skylines, the view will change every 15 minutes to transport you to another stunning city.

Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids! Skyline_-_2 Skyline_-_2

Fine Dining:

Remy and Palo are adult-only dining venues. Meals at one of these restaurants are an extra surge cost on top of the cruise cost, but anyone who has ever dined there will tell you it’s very worth it.

Palo is available on all 4 ships and serves Italian cuisine. The restaurant is excellently themed and even gets its name from the poles that line the Venice waterways!

Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids! Palo-Brunch-022 Palo-Brunch-022

Remy is only available on the Fantasy and Dream. This eatery features French cuisine and is decorated in the Art Nouveau style.

Either one of these dining experiences will give you a romantic, kid-free date night.

Adult-Only Excursions:

Disney offers excursions on every island stop. If you look closely at the experiences on offer, you’ll note that there are several marked “adult-only.” This is an excellent way to explore new areas in a kid-free environment.

In Castries, St. Lucia in the Caribbean for example, adult-only excursions are available for Creole Park and St. Lucia Rhythms, and Soufriere Island Delights. This is a great way to guarantee that you can explore a stop kid free.

Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids! IMG_20180130_115653 IMG_20180130_115653

After Hours:

Fathoms is the place to be each night after dark. You never know what you’ll find. Some evenings are karaoke nights, adult comedy shows, live musical groups or even game shows! One of the most entertaining shows on board is the couples game show Match Your Mate. Three couples are picked from the audience and they attempt to answer questions in the same way as their partner. Trust me, hilarity always ensues.

Disney Cruise Line: Not Just for Kids! Fathoms-011 Fathoms-011

Every Disney Cruise offers fantastic adult-only experiences, but don’t forget that you can also let yourself be a kid! Who doesn’t want to meet Mickey Mouse, enjoy all you can eat soft serve ice cream and watch your favorite Disney movie on the Funnel Vision movie screen at the main pool?

Disney Cruises definitely aren’t just for kids!


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