Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay Cabana Couples Massage

Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Cay Cabana Couples Massage The DIS Massage-1-2

Really want to just get away and dive into vacation mode? Maybe a relaxing massage might do the trick! Tyler and I tried the Cabana Couples Massage on Castaway Cay while cruising on the Disney Dream, and let me tell you — what an experience!

We got off the ship and took the tram to Serenity Bay, which is the adults-only part of the island. The check-in desk is right when you get off the tram, so don’t worry about getting lost. When we walked up we were greeted by a warm and friendly cast member who checked us in. The process was quick and easy, since we filled out the paperwork the night before. Once you schedule your massage, you will receive paperwork to fill out on your stateroom door the day before your appointment. I highly recommend filling out the paperwork (liability waiver and personal information) the night before so you are ready to relax and not worry about anything the day of your massage.

We were escorted to a shaded seating area where there were complimentary bottles of water to enjoy before and after the massage. I definitely took a few, since I knew we would be soaking up some sun on the beach that day. After a few minutes of waiting, the moment had finally come — it was time for our Swedish massage. I was so excited since this was my very first cabana massage, and I was so thrilled to enjoy it with Tyler!

Our two masseuses walked us to our private cabana overlooking the beach and went over our paperwork individually; trying to get to know our problem areas and where we would like them to focus on during our massage. Both of our massage therapist were attentive and understanding to what we needed. I asked my masseuse to focus on the whole body so I could get the full experience and Tyler asked his masseuse to just focus on the back and shoulders.

Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Cay Cabana Couples Massage The DIS massage-6-2 massage-6-2

Time for the massage! It was so quiet and peaceful with the ocean breeze, the sound of the wind blowing in the palm trees, and the sound of birds flying by. It made me feel like I was in a dream! I know we signed up for a couples massage but I forgot Tyler was even next to me. I was in my own little world of quiet serenity where my mind was finally able to relax for a while and enjoy the present without thinking of what to do next. It was time to live in the moment and appreciate my surroundings. I feel like he felt that way too. When our time was up it was hard to open my eyes because I felt like I could just lay there all day. They gave us a few moments to relax and change before they came back in. I looked at Tyler and the look on his face was priceless. He was so relaxed and peaceful, which reassured me that he was living in the moment and appreciated his experience like I did.

Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Cay Cabana Couples Massage The DIS massage-7-2 massage-7-2

When our masseuses came back in, they went over the areas of our bodies where we had the most knots. So, if we do another massage in the future, we could let them know what areas to focus on. They also shared with us some simple remedies we can do at home. They did try to up-sell some products that we could buy in Senses Spa when we were back on the ship, but they were not pushy about it like I thought they would be. They urged us to drink plenty of water after our massage, because our bodies were dehydrated and toxins were released from the muscles into the bloodstream and the water will help flush them out. Thank goodness we grabbed a few bottles each when we were in the waiting area. I was saddened that we couldn’t take the view in more, since our heads were facing down in the tables and our eyes were shut during the massage.

For $294 per couple not including gratuity, was this worth it? The price is a big pill to swallow for a 50-minute massage. But, I would have to say yes. The prices are similar to what you would pay on the ship and I would much rather have a massage outside — where I can listen to nature — than being stuck in a room at the spa. I wouldn’t do this everyday because of how expensive it is, but for a intimate special occasion with your loved one, I would recommend it.


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