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10 Telltale signs you have Disney DNA

Some people just seem to exude Disney from the…inside out. Here is a list of 10 telltale signs that may help confirm your Disney DNA:

1- The Brady Disney Bunch

It’s mysterious how the subconscious mind works sometimes. Since your previous Disney vacation, all kids and pets born into your family have strikingly familiar names: Ariel, Peter, Mary, Belle, Lilo, Elsa, Christopher, Bianca, Jake, Alice, and Tod, to name a few… Whether you’ve realized it yet or not, you’ve simply been preparing these little mouseketeers to make a pilgrimage to the land of their namesake…



2- Hidden Mickeys everywhere: At the mall, you stop and stare…

Maybe you’re making Saturday morning pancakes, watching the clouds float by while stopped at a traffic light on the way to work, looking for fresh cantaloupe at the local grocery store, or taking the kids or grandkids to soccer practice. If your subliminal mind is seeing hidden Mickeys at random wherever you go, well…Mamma did always tell you something would happen if you sat and stared so close at that TV screen when you were little…



3– Foreign country references sidetrack you…Disney style

Whenever a foreign country is mentioned in media or local conversation, your mind instantly gets sidetracked: Which Disney movie was that country or culture referenced in again? Do they have a Disney theme park in that country? Are there Disney cruises or Adventures by Disney there? The questions just keep nagging at you until you finally go online and get lost in Disney vacation search results…



4- Your social world is @ Disney: 24/7, 365

Seemingly every Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post on your feed…serves as a reminder that at least half the people you know are currently on some type of Disney vacation. They say to keep your friends close, and enemies closer. Well, you keep in contact with all of them on social media (and now even your great aunt Alice, who has recently branched out into online life, and has incidentally taken it upon herself to involuntarily enter you into her Facebook fitness group along with the rest of her entire Thursday Jazzercise group…But I digress.) Suddenly, you realize that it’s not just a crazy coincidence. At least half of your friends, family, and everyone in between are constantly on some type of Disney vacation loop. It’s like clockwork. From recent snaps of freshly chilled Dole Whips, 2 am video clip uploads from Journey to the Center of the Earth, to a string of perfectly timed Mine Train selfies, a Disney vacation seems to be calling your name everywhere you turn…



5- The Disney Vault has a doppelganger…and it’s located at your house

-Vast Disney VHS, DVD, and Blu ray library? Check.

-Collection of Disney storybooks, biographies, and other literature? Yep.

-Video subscription including multiple Disney channels…”for the kiddies”? At the ready.

-Theme park, movie, and other various Disney soundtrack records / cassette tapes / CD collection, and live streaming links to Disney music straight from the parks? You bet.

-Multiple Disney apps on your mobile phone? All set.

They say people are a product of their environment. Maybe it’s no coincidence then that you find yourself whistling “Hi ho” randomly at your desk at work, or humming “When you wish upon a star” while taking your routine nightly walk or jog around the neighborhood.


6-We got the beat…

Whenever you knock on a door or window to get someone’s attention, the rhythm of your knock makes you soon start crooning the lyrics to the old Mickey Mouse Club song, or one of a million other melodic Disney alternatives you currently have streaming in the background of your house, car, office…or others that sunk in during your last Disney vacation. Come to think of it, recently breakfast has changed at your house. Just the other day, you noticed your toaster had developed a melodious penchant for the Mickey Mouse Club melody, too…Well, that and popping up slightly charred Mickey toast.


7- Herbie (or one of his long lost siblings) are parked in your driveway

Even your vehicles are somehow part of the Disney family. From Herbie, to the AstroOrbiter, to Lightning McQueen (or some Disney meme or play on words in between), your car has officially been dubbed and/or resembles some kind of Disney theme. I mean, how else would you want to get to your next Disney vacation? Hey, that’s just how you roll…

8- Decorating scheme: Disney Mania

It may be subtle, or it may be in your face. But when you look around your living spaces, wherever they may be, both private and public, you notice that other decorating themes have eventually given way to what may best be described as, “Disney Mania”.  This may include a subtle fairytale theme in the bedroom at home, or a vast collection of Disneyana spread throughout the house or office. The latter may include (but is certainly not limited to): Figurines of all shapes and sizes, hats with ears, limited edition Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty castle sculptures, artist-signed movie or theme park prints, throw blankets, Mickey pillows, handmade lanyards heavy with pins, individually numbered silhouettes of Walt with your favorite character, special edition steins or mugs, limited release snowglobes, seasonally out-of-season Christmas ornaments,…and much, much more.



9- You have your next Disney vacation (or 2…3…4…+) already planned

After multiple morning, afternoon, and (come on, be honest…) way too many late night sessions, you have slowly but surely constructed multiple trips to various Disney theme parks, all based on multiple scenarios. It’s all here: The extended weekend with your significant other at Disneyland, the fall break week with the whole family at Disney World, or the random 3 day best friend getaway at Disneyland Paris. And let’s not forget the upcoming adventure for the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Let’s just say that when the opportunity presents itself, you will be ready and willing to make your visit…

10- You are ‘in’ multiple Disney theme parks…. around the world…every day

Though you might not physically be in Disney World at this very moment, your mind might as well be. You spend all of your free time watching the Disney themed podcasts, in between recent vlog updates from multiple Disney resorts and parks on YouTube, all while reading and posting on the Disboards…Sounds like you need a vacation! Anyone want to join in the fun?


Jonathan is a Disney and Star Wars aficionado who currently resides in Europe with his beautiful (and out of his league) wife and awesome kids. When not planning his next WDW vacation, he has been known to write here and there about various topics in his spare time....


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