5 Products to Remedy Post-Disney Vacation Depression

Post-Disney vacation depression can be difficult to overcome. Stepping back into the real world after a magical vacation can send hardcore Disney fans into a downward spiral of unhappiness. While there isn’t one product alone that can miraculously make everything better there are a few things that might help.

Part of what makes the Disney Parks so incredible is immersive atmosphere guests enter into when they step inside the gate. The parks are successful at this immersion because they hit all five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. That’s why each product I have listed below represents one of the five senses.

*Full disclosure the items listed below are paid-partners of The DIS. By purchasing any of the listed items below The DIS will receive a monetary benefit. 


1) Disney Parks Puzzle

It is easy to get lost in a puzzle. They take a lot of concentration, which helps distract you from the depressing realities of the world. If you find a detailed Disney Parks puzzle you can piece together an amazing memory of your vacation.

This product obviously invigorates the sense of sight, as you need to visually find each piece. Each piece is a visual reminder that helps you immerse yourself in a Disney-centric environment from your living room.

Purchase the Walt Disney World Thomas Kinkade Main Street U.S.A. 1000 Piece Puzzle for $38.57 on Amazon by clicking the link!


2) Magic Candle Company

Smells can transport us back to powerful and emotional memories from our vacation. If you miss the smells the iconic foods and attractions, then I highly recommend picking out a Magic Candle Company product. They have several different scents that a reminiscent of your travels to central Florida and the come in the form of candles, room sprays, bath bombs, and more!

My personal favorites are Contemporary, Pineapple Whip, and Banshee Flight. I still have more to try, but so far there is no better product that reminds me of the Orlando theme parks more than Magic Candle Company.

For 15% off your entire Magic Candle Company order enter code DISNEYINFO, and click HERE!

3) Disney Parks Soundtrack

I love the music in the Disney Parks. Not just the music you hear on the rides, but the background music you hear walking around the parks. Did you know they sell the music from the parks online? When I found this out, I immediately downloaded everything I could find.

If you’re feeling blue try turning on “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and see if that helps. You likely have a favorite song from the Disney Parks, so do some digging you’ll likely find the soundtrack online!

Obviously, this product represents your sense of hearing. Throwing on a pair of noise-canceling headphones or even just driving around your car with the Disney music blasting will really help transport you back into the parks, even if it is just for a moment.

Purchase the Disney Theme Park Classicssoundtrack for $11.67 on Amazon by clicking the link!


4) Disney Candies

I just learned recently that the candies available at Goofy’s Candy Co. at Disney Springs are also available on Amazon. They are fairly pricy for a package of candy, they range between $12.20 and $17.87, but if you need a Disney lollipop or some Mickey-shaped sour gummies this might be a great remedy for your post-Disney depression. These candies always remind me of the Disney Dining Plan because they are my go-to snack credit option when I have extra snack credits at the end of my vacation and need something to safely pack away in a suitcase.

While small little candies cannot condense a week’s worth of Disney Parks dining into a small little jelly bean at least you can have a little taste of the magic at home.

Purchase the Disney World Parks Goofy Candy Co. Sour Gummi Worms for $11.95 on Amazon by clicking the link.

5) Disney Plush

Miss getting hugs from your favorite Disney Parks meet and greet character? The second-best option is being able to hug a brand-new Disney plush. This isn’t everyone thing (full disclosure it isn’t mine), but for some being able to hold onto their favorite Disney character is one of the best possible post-Disney depression remedies. Ideally buying one of these plushes inside the parks makes it extra special, but if you forgot to do that or didn’t have any room in your suitcase there are plenty of options online and on the Shop Disney website.

This was the fifth and final sense – touch. Like I said this suggestion isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you!

Purchase a Mickey Mouse Plushfor $8.99 on Amazon by clicking the link.

Purchase a Disney Dumbo Plushfor $19.95 on Amazon by clicking the link.

Purchase a Disney Cinderella Plush Doll for $18.40 on Amazon by clicking the link.

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