5 ways to eat (a little more) healthy at the Disneyland Resort

There’s little better than that first bite into a warm crispy churro dusted with cinnamon and sugar in Disneyland. One of things we all love about the Disneyland Resort is the wonderful food – from the best corn dog you’ve ever ate (I’m not joking at all – it’s the best) to fresh baked cookies in Candy Palace or the classic Churro you can find throughout either Disney California Adventure or Disneyland. It’s a treasure trove of flavors and unfortunately… calories. As much as we enjoy the fried and sugary high-calorie Disney food, there are times we want to show some restraint and make more healthy decisions. Thanks to a wide array of options available, there are many ways to eat well and still enjoy delicious food. Here are 5 ways to eat a little more healthy at the Disneyland resort

Water in Disneyland
1. Drink lots of water!

Replace sodas and other sugary drinks with water. Carry a refillable water bottle and fill it up as needed. Not only will you feel better by staying more hydrated (it’s true!) you can save a ton of money by avoiding high priced beverages.

2. Bring some of your own snacks.

If you’re bringing a bag, stroller or backpack anyway, throw a few healthy treats in there to snack on throughout the day. I’m not saying pack your own meals (although bringing a PB&J would work). Pick some whole unprocessed foods such as almonds, cashews, carrot sticks or other veggies. Fresh fruit like an apple or some grapes are great options as well.

chicken skewers
3. Paradise Garden Grill in Disney California Adventure

One of my favorite options in either park for counter service, the Paradise Garden Grill is tucked behind Goofy’s Fly School way in the back of DCA. Just one of the great choices is the Lemon Oregano Chicken skewers which are an excellent, delicious and pretty healthy meal. It’s served with a fresh & crunchy cucumber salad, rice pilaf and pita bread. Packed with flavor, the chicken is always tender and the cucumber salad is super refreshing!

4. Signature dining and table service restaurants

I appreciate that due to the cost and time involved, it may not be an option for every group during every visit, but eating at a table service restaurant will provide far more possibilities than the standard counter service or quick serve establishments. A signature restaurant such as the Carthay Circle Restaurant, Blue Bayou or Steakhouse 55  will give you a wide range of delicious and healthy options and be able to cater better to the types of foods you want and how you want something prepared. But you don’t have to go high end either. There are plenty of really fantastic restaurants in Downtown Disney. One of my favorites is Tortilla Jo’s – you must try the tableside guacamole!

Fruit Stand
5. Fruit and veggie carts!

Throughout both parks you’ll find fruit and veggie stands with some fresh and tasty treats. Hummus dip, carrot sticks, bananas, fresh grapes or my favorite – the pineapple spear! Fresh, tasty and quick, some delicious cold fruit will cool you down and your body will thank you for it!

Pineapple Spear Stand

There are plenty of other ways to eat healthy at the Disneyland Resort, here are just a few. How do you eat healthy at the parks?


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