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Dear Disney, Here’s How You Should Reopen Disneyland

Dear Disney, Here’s How You Should Reopen Disneyland rsz_disneyland_entrance

As Disney fans around the world get ready for Disneyland to reopen (even though we can’t all go), so many are speculating on how they should celebrate the reopening. We’ve seen how the other parks have opened with cast members lining the way in and waving with Mickey hands and bubbles. At the risk of sounding greedy – because that does sound awesome and frankly just reopening is awesome – Disneyland deserves a little something extra. It’s the original park. It’s Walt’s park. So I don’t think I’m asking for too much to make this reopening truly extra special since it could hopefully (everyone knock on wood with me here) be the only opportunity to reopen the park after such a prolonged closure.

Dear Disney, Here’s How You Should Reopen Disneyland Sleeping-Beauty-Castle

I think they should bring it back to opening day. I know opening day for Disneyland had its own set of troubles, but if we can skip that portion and just bring back magic, that would be great. Make it a Dapper Day where everyone dresses like people dressed in 1955. Play Walt’s speech as the gates open and then on repeat at the gates for the rest of the day. Bring out the old school characters to wave to the guests from a distance. Even though it’s not a meet and greet, I think that would still be so cool to see. They can bring back some older items from the archives for display in some of the dead areas as well to spread out the crowds around the park, which would also help with distancing. 

If Disney isn’t going to do that, I’m sure we’ve all see the memes that suggest Disney plays “For the First Time in Forever” as the gates open. I personally think that would also be so fun and appropriate. Even though not everyone is a Frozen fan, you have to admit the song is perfect. Have the cast of the movie there to sing it and Elsa and Anna there to welcome everyone – from a distance since that’s what we have to do these days – for the opening. 

Dear Disney, Here’s How You Should Reopen Disneyland rsz_main-street-usa-36

At the very least, I would love to see some special merch or food items added to celebrate the event since Disney periodically adds those for much smaller events anyway, and we know Disney likes to monetize events so it’s a win-win.

I know I’m just being a big dreamer over here, but you can’t blame me for trying. If all else fails, maybe we’ll get some California-based Instagrammers whom we can live vicariously through that will have their own Dapper Day on the day that the park reopens to party like it’s 1955 again. 

As long as some of those lucky first guests can post some pictures and videos through which all of us can get a glimpse of the park, I’ll be happy. But go ahead and dream along with me. If you could plan the reopening of Disneyland (with COVID restrictions in place of course), what would you plan?

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