Do You Even Disney? 2020 Canceled Vacation Edition

It’s another year and another round of stupid things people say when they find out you are a Disney lover at heart. Welcome to the 3rd annual edition of Do You Even Disney? where Disney is now a verb and a noun, at the same time. If you missed the previous 2018 & 2019 version of this sarcastic come-back rant, check them out by clicking above.

This year we are taking a more specific look at those unthoughtful Disney naysayers who share their negativity when finding out about your recently canceled vacation plans. Why do we/I do this? Because sometimes by sharing a little bit of a laugh instead of taking the bad attitudes of others to heart, we can all find a way to smile and move forward.

If there are no other questions from the cheap seats in the back, let’s begin.

Why are you so upset? It’s not like you haven’t been there before.

Yes Bob, and it’s not like you haven’t seen the golf course before either, and yet every Wednesday and Friday, there you are.

Let’s see those tears when the course shuts down for six months and you have to stay at home with the family 24/7. Not so funny now, is it, Bob?

Why would you want to go on a Disney Cruise without kids anyway?

When exactly did the world become so doomed that you could only enjoy cruising on a beautiful ship with fantastic food, fun decor, entertaining shows, and engaging activities if you are in the company of children?

What’s next? Can’t enjoy birthday cake or watching a G-rated movie unless you are with your kids? Maybe we should outlaw adults doing Lego or just cut to the chase and ban adult-aged smiling altogether.

Newsflash: Disney is for everyone. From Mickey Mouse to darkest of Marvel stories, Disney represents entertainment that is accessible to everyone, equally, and so do the amenities within Disney property. Disney Cruise Line, in particular, is home to many adults-only areas such as restaurants, pools, fitness centers, nightclubs, lounges, spas, and salons.

Disney is for families whether that is your children, your partner, or your friends that you consider family.

Maybe since they canceled your trip, you should just go somewhere else next time.

Oh, Karen…back the insult truck up, my friend. I have seen more of this world, inside and outside of Disney, than you have seen of your life. I understand that for you, Disney isn’t considered to be as exciting as your weekly Target excursion, though to be fair, we probably spend around the same amount of money going to Disney as you do in Target.

Haven’t your kids grown out of that yet?

Do you actually ever grow out of having fun with your family? That would be a terribly sad existence if it were true.

Not only have my children not grown out of it, but I have not grown out of it as a child of Disney vacations myself. As our family evolves, so too does our Disney experience, enjoying new aspects as a different collection of humans in various ages and stages of life, every time finding something new and exciting to appreciate.

Sure, they may have traded in Winnie the Pooh for Star Wars, but there is no Disney love lost there. On the one hand, we are surrounded by memories, and on the other, we camp out for late-night fireworks or plan our table service reservations today based on the adult menus we all enjoy.

If you can’t find new things to enjoy as a family when your children grow up, then you are doing it wrong.

Why would you want to own all of that crazy Disney stuff that you only wear in one place?

Bob! It’s you again… how fun.

Hmm, wearing strange attire that only seems to be acceptable in one place, waiting long periods of time in the hot sun to enjoy and activity you’ve already experienced time and time again. Sounding familiar at all, mate?

Are we coming back to that golf course again, already? Looking like a fool in your long socks and argyle sweater vest when we both know that at home you live in the same holey collection of Metallica t-shirts from the ’90s.

Didn’t we cover this already?

You know, there are golf courses at Disney too, if you would like to do something different for a change…

If you have someone in your life that just doesn’t understand the feeling of wanting to hold on to something that brings you such incredible joy, it’s not worth arguing with them. Take a deep breath, make your snippy comeback, and walk away. Knowing the magic of Disney is a privilege, and one that no amount of another’s ignorance can take away from you.

If you are missing your happy place right now, then you are in good company. Even those of us who wouldn’t have been visiting the parks at this very moment still long to hear that our home-away-from-home has reopened. Hang in there, plan, and before you know it, we will all be back to enjoying what we love.

**No Bobs or Karens were intentionally harmed in the making of this article.**

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Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. Since her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney Parks and traveling around the world.

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