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Rebuilding Your Canceled Vacation

Rebuilding Your Canceled Vacation romeo-a-C_Jh_0ssBS8-unsplash

Wow, what a week it has been. Only seven days ago, I was sharing my own experience with canceling travel plans to Japan. Since then, the news broke of additional closures to the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and a suspension of service for Disney Cruise Line. Before 2020, I could have never imagined what would prompt the simultaneous temporary closures of all six Disney Theme Park Resorts and their ever-expanding cruise line.

Before we start, I want to take a moment to say, bravo Disney, bravo; and yes, it needed the repetition for emphasis. In a world where big businesses fail to subscribe to the better-safe-than-sorry adage, Disney has taken a costly leap to get in front of the problem instead of waiting for a potentially wide-spread infection on property. As horrendous as this is for families and holiday-makers, I have to say that it’s rare to see an international giant err on the side of caution rather than the almighty dollar.

With that said, let’s move on and look to the future. Even though our short-term Disney dreams have been dashed, there is hope in sight, even if you aren’t ready to see it yet.

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Moving Forward

I get it. I feel your pain; I really do. Many of you may still need to sit with that disappointment for a little longer. And fair enough, too. But, if you are up to it, there is a much bigger opportunity here if you choose to accept it. The universe is sending us a message to take the time to think beyond our usual stateside haunts and broaden our Disney horizons.

With many areas on lock-down, we need to use the tools at hand to create our new adventure. Gather round my friends as we make time for the magic and start planning outside of our comfort zones and inside the expanded realm of possibility while the world hits reset.

Let’s rub those Disney refunds together with the powers of the internet and a pinch of pixie-dusted creativity to find your next adventure.

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Looking to travel soon?

If you were someone who was feeling the if-it’s-open-I’ll-go vibes, then I have good news for you. Currently, one of my favorite Disney destinations is still in full swing, they have rooms available now, and they are offering a Spring Sale promotion that saves you 30% on selected dates.

Now, I know Aulani is expensive. I am not pretending for a second that this will be a cheaper option for anyone. However, there is so much to do on the island of O’ahu without spending more money. You can easily spend your days going between the included water park activities with the kids in the mornings and exploring, hiking, or wandering around the island in the afternoons. Staying in Aulani at the moment and looking for day-trip ideas? Click here.

Once you roll in all of the money we spend at the parks, from resort fees to park tickets, the difference isn’t as big as you think price-wise. Replace that disappointment with some Aloha and indulge in the Hawai’ian spirit. Looking for a split-stay option to really get your adventure juices flowing? Click here.

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Expand Your Disney Horizons

If your travel plans are at a virtual standstill, then you may not realize you are holding the key to your next epic adventure without even knowing it. We are shaking things up and using this time to break free from the routine of visiting the same parks and staying at the same resorts. Let’s go somewhere new!

All it takes is a little imagination, a passport, and a lot of planning to get your Disney show on the road. You’ve all heard me go on about making time for the magic, the days are passing us by and it is easier to stick with routine than deviate from it. Until now, when the world is about to offer you the opportunity to plan your dream vacation and then lock it in at potentially record-low prices. Especially if you are stuck at home and can plan in advance, you’ll be ready to pounce on all the inevitable travel offers that will hit your inbox when the world unlocks.

Maybe your next vacation will unexpectedly become that first Disney Cruise Line trip you never thought you could make happen, or the Adventures By Disney holiday that only ever felt like a dream.

So, where have you always wanted to go where you can get your Disney-fix on and also see the actual world, not just your dream city through the eyes of its World Showcase remake in EPCOT?

Rebuilding Your Canceled Vacation Zoe Wood

Get The Family Involved

If you were bringing young ones to the parks, I could imagine they are feeling rather sad at the moment. Get them involved in your new planning. If you aren’t used to making plans as a family, click here to find out how to make the changes you need to transform your dreams into a reality. It might also help to pass the time at home and give everyone a new focus.

If your travel plans were recently canceled due to the park closures, that is a lot of change for kids to take in. It won’t take the sadness away, but let’s get them involved in something new and exciting. Watch YouTube videos of faraway destinations like Paris, Tokyo, or China and explore the parks through video as well as the local attractions and must-see hidden spots that your family will love. For those outside the USA, like myself, maybe that means making taking a leap across the oceans and planning a trip to the US-based originals. Wherever you are, it’s time to push past your go-to park and see the world.

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Seize The Opportunity

Once your plans are in place and you know where you want to go, be ready to jump. Bit by bit, the world will re-open, and when it does, flights, resorts, and travel offers in general will be overflowing. You might be reluctant to book straight away, but even if you are looking several months to a year ahead, be ready to take advantage of what is on offer.

Remember, the world is going to need to rebuild local economies, which means a resurgence of the travel industry will be vital. Spending money within other communities helps to restore businesses and boost relations. What about our own communities, some may say? That’s where people like me, from other faraway places, come to spend our money. It’s the circle of a traveling lifestyle. Just as people get off the cruise ships in one port, new ones get on from another. A plane lands full of people and an hour later is turned around with new ones heading to a different destination. As long as the cycle keeps moving, we actually have the power to strengthen each other along the way.

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Next week, I will be looking at five Disney-inspired activities to keep the family busy at home without spending any money. Stay with us here at the DIS as the team brings you the latest news as it happens, and be ready to contact your Dreams Unlimited Travel agent to organize that next epic adventure once you’ve recovered.

Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. Since her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney Parks and traveling around the world.

Join Zoë as she lets you in on all the tips, tricks, anecdotes, and embarrassments that arise from her family adventures.


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