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How to Spread Disney Magic to Other Guests

How to Spread Disney Magic to Other Guests Main-Street-USA-23

On the DISboards.com, a poster named megs1313 started a thread titled Low cost ways to spread fairydust? where she mentions that on her vacations she enjoyed making “a little extra magic for other guests.” She shared her low cost ways to share Disney pixie dust with other vacationers. This thread caught my attention because Disney vacations are supposed to be fun, but when it’s crowded, raining, and things just aren’t going right, it is easy to get negative. When guests help each other and spread positivity, it helps keep the Disney park a happy place. I’d love to see more guests sharing positive experiences with each other.

Disboards poster KristinU mentions that she will “offer to take photos whenever (she) sees someone taking a picture of their family.” She says that it is a free way to help someone out and is always appreciated. I second KristinU, a lot of the time either the mom or the dad are left out of the family photo because they are stuck taking the picture. Reaching out and snapping a photo doesn’t take that much time, and people are usually kind enough to return the favor if your family wants to take a picture together as well.

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When the sun goes down, cast members start selling glow sticks and light up toys. These are fun for kids to play with at night, but after a long day of spending money, the additional cost of an overpriced glow stick that is going to be thrown in the garbage in a couple hours seems pointless. DISboards poster MaryLovesPoohBear says, “I carry glow sticks in my pack. I offer them to parents with small children…I buy them 12 for $1.00.” She mentions that they are great to hand out to kids that are afraid of the dark.

As you probably already know, it rains a lot in Florida, so having a poncho can be incredibly important. DISboards poster Melissakay1q says, “I read about a family who picks up ponchos from Dollar Tree, and will get extras to give to others who get caught in the rain without them.” This is a fairly easy favor that could help keep an unsuspecting family dry and save them a couple bucks from the overpriced ponchos in the gift shops.

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Over in Disneyland where legacy FastPass still exists, DISboards poster chris benton says it is nice “handing off paper FastPasses you don’t need.” This is something as a Walt Disney World annual passholder that I really miss about legacy FastPass. It was so gratifying making a family’s day better when you could give them FastPasses for an attraction you decided not to go on.

DISboards poster MermaidMommy says, “If you play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, offer your duplicate cards to other players.” And why not? Duplicates don’t help you play the game any better so offering your extra cards to another guest is a great way to make someone else’s experience better!

Poster scrapquitler has a more minimalist approach, but equally as important, saying that it is helpful when people are just generally more polite with each other. She appreciates when people smile or just say hello! She adds, “That’s what we do and what we would hope to receive as well.”

Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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