Opening Day Merchandise Available at Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

For those who are not visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge today, we thought we'd share a look at some of the merchandise that is available on opening day, May 31, 2019. We've previously shown you some of the special merchandise from inside the new land, but here's a look at additional items that can be found in the Disneyland Resort hotel gift shops as well as the Star Trader shop in Tomorrowland. Please note that many of the items are limited to one per person and are available while supplies last. swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-12 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-11 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-10 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-09 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-08 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-07 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-06 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-05 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-04 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-03 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-02 swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-01 swge-shirts-merch-2019 swge-landing-2019-pins The opening day pins below were available inside Star Wars: Launch Bay. swge-dlr-opening-day-merch-14

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