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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge immerses guests into a never-before-seen outpost on the edge of the galaxy. The new area located behind Frontierland and Critter Country is 14-acres and includes two major attractions, plus shopping, and dining. For context, the rest of Disneyland park, not including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, is a combined 85 acres.



Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Overview

Guests will immediately be transported onto the planet of Batuu, whose glory days as a major spaceport ended after the creation of hyperspace travel. Now on the outskirts of civilization, the planet is perfect for those looking to get out from under the First Order's thumb. Even on Batuu, though, guests will still see the ever-encroaching presence of the oppressive First Order, as well as the Resistance who struggles to oppose them.  Both sides are heavily felt throughout Batuu including Resistance and First Order ships including a full sized X-wing Starfighter and a First Order command shuttle.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is full of custom merchandise and highly themed food & drink. Guests can find apparel to support the Resistance or the First Order, they can build their own droids, or customize their own lightsabers. After working up an appetite, guests can visit a immersive cantina for out-of-this-world cocktails or grab a snack cooked over a podracing engine.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Attractions


Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run


Guests can pilot one of the most famous starships in the galaxy in this interactive attraction that has guests creating their own adventures. Settle into the cockpit of "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy" and discover what surprises the "bucket of bolts" has to offer.



Chewbacca has flown the Falcon to the Black Spire Outpost for repairs. In exchange for needed parts, Chewie has loaned the ship to smuggler Hondo Ohnaka for a mission which turns out to be the focus of the attraction. Hondo is a Weequay pirate who is always looking for the next big opportunity. Hondo runs Ohnaka Transport Solutions, a "legitimate business" on Batuu. He asks for help from guests as he has more cargo than he can handle and needs extra flight crews...especially those that won't ask a lot of questions.


You’ll be immersed into this adventure before you even step inside the cockpit. Guests will board the Falcon through an access hatch on the starboard airlock, then spend some time in the lounge where they can sit at the infamous Dejarik table or check out the ship's equipment. When it's time for the mission to begin, guests will be assigned one of three different roles: Pilot, Gunner, or Flight Engineer. Once the Falcon is powered up, guests will make the jump to lightspeed, with Hondo (and Chewbacca) helping them along the way. Following their mission, Hondo will let guests know how they did.


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

  • Must be at least 40" tall
  • Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV


This attraction sets a new standard for what a Disney theme park experience can be, as guests become heroes of the Resistance in a climactic battle with the First Order. In one of the most immersive, ambitious and technologically advanced attractions ever created for a Disney park, guests launch into space aboard a transport shuttle, only to be captured by a Star Destroyer and pursued by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren as they frantically search for a way to escape the clutches of the First Order.

In addition to Kylo Ren and General Hux, guests will also encounter favorite Star Wars heroes Rey, Poe, Finn, and BB-8.

The attraction is one of the largest Disney has built and combines multiple ride systems to tell the story.



From Disney's Hollywood Studios


From Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Dining

The diverse and distinctive menu for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is chock-full of delectable creations that reinforce the immersive storytelling and attention to detail in every aspect of this Star Wars experience, right down to the bottled beverages you'll find in Batuu.

As a remote planet, Batuu is one of the lesser-populated worlds in the Star Wars galaxy, so the food available in Black Spire Outpost has a “farm to table” feel typically found in more rural communities. Food and drink throughout the land hint at an ancient culture, passed down to the current generation of Batuuan residents and are served in unique and exotic vessels.


Oga's Cantina



Oga's Cantina is Black Spire Outpost’s watering hole that welcomes pilots, bounty hunters, smugglers, locals and galactic travelers alike serving up the "best drinks in the galaxy.” Exotic beverages include the spicy Bloody Rancor, the foamy Fuzzy Tauntaun or the fruity Carbon Freeze. Oga’s Cantina features live entertainment from DJ R-3X.


Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo



Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is where Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs is serving up his grub for weary travelers. Tuggs’ menu is inspired by the time he spent working for Max Kanata on Takodana and includes exotic and unusual dishing like smoked Kaadu ribs, Fried Endorian Tip-yip and Batuubon for dessert.




Ronto Roasters



At Ronto Roasters they use an old podracing engine and a retrofitted smelter droid – 8D-J8 – to grill up meats on a massive barbecue pit. The signature dish here is the Ronto Wrap with is similar to a roasted pork and grilled sausage. The signature drink is the Tatooine Sunset, which tastes like a mix of iced tea and lemonade.

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    Milk Stand



    At the Milk Stand guests can choose between Blue Milk and Green Milk, both of which are a frozen non-dairy blend. The Green Milk has a slight zing to it.

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    Kat Saka's Kettle



    Discover this colorful snack shop, where grains from all over the galaxy are on display. Order a generous, piping-hot helping of Outpost mix, the popular and flavorful local specialty popcorn, and enjoy it as you explore Black Spire Outpost.


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    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Shopping


    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is full of custom merchandise. Guests can find apparel to support the Resistance or the First Order, they can build their own droids, or customize their own lightsabers. All of the merchandise in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been created especially for the new land. While you can find Star Wars logo merchandise elsewhere in the Resort, don't look for it in Batuu. Guests will find products that deliver a level of authenticity, realism, and storytelling that can only be achieved at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

    Droid Depot


    Guests visiting the Droid Depot can build their very own droids. The Droid Depot is an immersive retail experience where guests can construct either the BB-series or R-series astromech. Droid parts and pieces are delivered on a conveyer belt, so guests can easily pick and choose which pieces they need to construct their perfect droid. Once the droid is constructed guests can bring their droid to the activation station to bring them to life so they can be controlled by a remote control. Each droid will have a personality chip and Bluetooth enabler placed inside. Your droid’s personality will then be showcased as you walk around Batuu and the droid interacts with its surroundings.

    Premium Droid Action Figures are also available at the Droid Depot. R2-D2, BB-8, DJ R-3X and C-3PO droids available for purchase will have interactive functionality. A DJ R-3X droid with Bluetooth-enabled speaker is available for purchase as well.


    Guests can buy a color changing droids figure packs and play set, which are 3 ¾ scale size droids that are ready to undercover a mission in Black Spire Outpost.


    Also available at the Droid Depot will be a Droid Light-Up R2-D2 or BB-8 Headband, Droid Depot Work Shirts and Apparel, and so much more!




    Savi's Workshop


    Savi's Workshop provides guests with the opportunity to build their own lightsabers. A group known as the Gatherers brings guests into a secret workshop with the parts and pieces from around the galaxy that can help them build their lightsaber. Following a guided tour, guests can select from four options: Peace Justice (modeled after Jedi from the Republic era); Power Control (a nod to the Sith); Elemental Nature (harnessing air, earth, fire, and water); and Defense (shrouded in mystery).



    Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities


    Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is full of rare and mysterious items available for purchase that represent different eras of the Star Wars saga. Dok-Ondar sells Legacy Lightsabers that are replicas lightsabers of legendary Jedi and Sith warriors like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul.

    Lightsaber accessories are also available for purchase including lightsaber clips, carrier bags, display stands and more. Kyber Crystals power every lightsaber, and Dok-Ondar is selling blue, green, purple, red, yellow and white crystals at his store.


    Holocrons which store huge amounts of data and information will also be for sale. When powered with a kyber crystals this information can be unlocked!



    Creature Stall


    The Creature Stall has exotic characters and creatures from around the galaxy for sale. The stall’s proprietor Bina is out looking for more critters, and in the meantime has left assistants to keep the store running. Some the creatures you’ll be able to purchase include: a cackling Kowakian Monkey-Lizard, which can sit on your shoulders and come in multiple colors; a porg, which is small avian creature that is native to the cliffs of Ahch-To; and a loth-cat, which is a feline creature that can be somewhat temperamental.



    Toydarian Toymaker


    Guests can discover all sorts of cool toys in the Toydarian Toymaker, a whimsical workshop that is filled with handcrafted toys that came straight out of the Star Wars galaxy. Here guests can find artisan plush characters of Yoda, Chewbacca, Ewoks, and more! Additionally, games like the Cards of Sabacc, Dejarik, and Chance Cubes are also available for purchase. Miniature wooden and metal toy versions of the iconic ships and vehicles are also found here.


    The Toydarian is one of the creatures that was first encountered on Tatooine in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.



    Resistance Supply


    Resistance Supply is where members of the Resistance have set up a secret makeshift post where guests can join the cause to defeat the First Order. Resistance Supply has several offerings including apparel, toys, and Resistance MRE (or Meals Ready to Eat). Apparel includes: Resistance-branded caps, pins, patches and other gear.



    First Order Cargo


    The First Order has come to the Black Spire Outpost to showcase their power, but also win over the hearts and minds of the locals and tours of Batuu. At First Order Cargo guests can purchase merchandise, apparel, and toys that displays their support. Apparel includes: First Order-branded caps, pins, patches and other gear.



    Black Spire Outfitters


    Black Spire Outfitter is an apparel shop where guest can find several galactic styles including robes inspired by the brown robes often worn by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, tunics, and belts.



    Jewels of Bith


    Jewels of Bith sells several treasures from throughout the galaxy. Guests wanting to commemorate their visit to Batuu will want check out the apparel, drinkware, and more found at this shop. One of the most unique items at the Jewels of Bith is the Batuuan Cooling Fan, which will help guests stay cool on the hottest days of the year. The Batuuan Cooling Fan was inspired by the moisture vaporators of Tatooine.

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    Star Wars: Datapad - Play Disney Parks App

    Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is where the Star Wars universe comes to life and guests are able to live the adventures, with interactive technology, characters and Cast Members.

    This new land was built from the ground up to work with the Play Disney Parks App. Once guests enter Galaxy’s Edge, their mobile device becomes a Star Wars: Datapad, where they can play games and earn credits to unlock more storytelling.

    The main functions of the Datapad are:

    • Hack – Interact with certain droids, blinking door panels and other scenic elements
    • Scan – Explore the contents of cargo crates and other containers and collect virtual items
    • Translate – Understand written languages from the Star Wars galaxy
    • Tune – Tap into the signals from satellite dishes and antenna arrays to eavesdrop on characters’ conversations

    The Datapad also features a mulitplayer game called “Outpost Control,” which happens several times throughout the day.

    The game has the First Order trying to install surveillance cameras in door panels so that they can spy on the Resistance, while members of the Resistance are trying to remove the. Guests can choose a side and start hacking panels. The winning side is the one that hacked more of the available panels at the end of the game.

    Guests waiting for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run can also participate in an exclusive in-queue game where they prove to Hondo Ohnaka that they are prepared to pilot the Falcon.


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    Character Greetings

    Rey - Rey is recruiting new Resistance fighters near the ancient ruins outside Black Spire Outpost.

    Chewbacca - Chewbacca is looking for new Resistance fighters in the Black Spire Outpost or near the Resistance encampment.

    Vi Moradi - Resistance spy Vi Moradi wanders through Black Spire Outpost sharing the tricks of her trade and promoting the Resistance.

    Kylo Ren - Kylo Ren appears at the First Order encampment near Docking Bay 9 and, with his Stormtroopers, marches through Black Spire Outpost trying to locate members of the Resistance.

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