The Fairy Godparents of the Parks

Recently I wrote an article on guests who turn into Disney Villains, and I learned something very surprising. People get really worked up about stroller etiquette. I never realized there was a stroller war going on in the parks.

Joking aside, I think if you are going to mention the bad, you should always mention the good. Some guests may turn into villains, but others turn into our Fairy Godparents. The following are my favorite.


Washroom Wanda

Disney has ample bathrooms that are available for their guests. It’s not very often you have to wait for a stall, but sometimes it happens. Washroom Wanda is the lady who has been waiting in line, sees you come in with a child about to burst, and lets you go in front of her. She can be a blessing if your child waited too long to tell you. Your child could have told you when you asked them, or when their brother had to go, but no. They waited until you got to the front of the line at Pirates to make their desperate plea. Washroom Wanda recognizes the look of panic on your face, and lets you go in front of her. She knows every parent has been there.

Sharing Sharon

Sometimes finding a seat in a quick service location is hard. With the massive crowd levels, finding a seat can be frustrating. Sharing Sharon is amazing for two reasons. The first is her and her husband will never take a table for 8 when they are only two. They will wait an extra moment, find a table for two, leaving the bigger one open for a family. Secondly, if she is forced to sit at a bigger table, she will invite your family to use the rest of the seats. Sharing Sharon knows there is room for everyone at the table.


Gift Shop Grant

For some families a trip to the parks takes all their savings. They would love to purchase everything in the gift shops for their children, but the budget doesn’t allow for it. Gift Shop Grant is not one of these parents, but realizes their situation. If he sees his child standing beside another looking at toys, he will not walk up and announce that his child can pick whatever they want. Grant realizes this will cause the other child to ask their budget minded parents for something they cannot provide. Gift Shop Grant would never want to put another family in that situation.


Parade Pete

He may have been waiting for the parade for an hour, but he has no problem letting a child squeeze in front of him so they can see. Not the child’s entire iPad holding family, but the child. It’s not the kid’s fault their parents arrived to the parade at the last moment. Parade Pete recognizes this and makes room for the little one.


There are numerous honorable mentions like Fireworks Frank who doesn’t put his child on his shoulders during the show. Wetnap Wendy, who washed her kid’s hands after eating ice cream, so when they meet the characters they don’t make them sticky. I know if I was a princess I would really appreciate it.

It’s easy to see the guest who drives us crazy, but next time you are in the park take a moment and look for the ones who are creating little magical Disney Moments. After all, we are all one big Disney Family; the ones we love, and the ones we hope don’t show up to Thanksgiving dinner.

About the author: Genevieve is a freelance writer and can be found on twitter here and/or her website here .