Will A Dole Whip Made at Home Feel/Taste the Same as Having One in a Theme Park?

Since we’ve all been ‘social distancing’ and staying at home unless we have essential errands to run, it’s been tough to enjoy many of our favorite treats from various eating establishments unless we know how to replicate them at home. Disney has been helping us out by sharing recipes that have been scaled down to a more appropriate size for our kitchens at home.

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Today, I want to talk about the Dole Whip recipe that was shared last week via the Disney Parks Instagram account. This recipe got me thinking about the first time I had a Dole Whip way back in 2003. We were at Disneyland with our kids for their first trip; they were ages 2 and 6. While we were waiting for our turn to enter Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, we noticed the Tiki Juice Bar right at the entrance and we saw people eating what we thought was soft-serve ice cream. It was a rather warm day, about 75 degrees, and ice cream sounded amazing; little did we know that we were in for more than just ice cream.

Once we got up close enough to see the menu, we realized that the soft-serve was actually pineapple and we were pretty jazzed about it. Ever since that day, it’s been our family’s tradition to get Dole Whip in Adventureland whenever we visit Magic Kingdom or Disneyland.

Something that makes the tradition so special is the atmosphere of Adventureland. Enjoying a Dole Whip with family amidst the many tiki torches, bamboo fences, and thatched roofs all around, I’m in love with every bit of it.

I’m thinking about trying this recipe at home later, but I’m just not sure if it will feel the same as having it at a theme park. I’m quite certain that it would be delicious – I mean, how could it not be, right? My other issue is that it doesn’t fall into any category of the meal plan we’re following at the moment, so I may leave the testing part up to you guys.

Take a look at the recipe throughout the article – it sounds fairly easy as long as you’ve got a blender.

Please come back and let me know if you do decide to try it because I’m very curious about how it all works out!

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