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Disney Opens "Once Upon a Toy Store"

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NEW!   Every Disney DVD currently on the market can be found here. In additon to the display, a binder is available with the full collection featured. There are over 300 titles to select from. (Titles that have been placed in the Vault will not be available.)
The " Once Upon a Toy Store" is a 16,000 square foot interactive destination with all sorts of fun hands-on displays. This store is located between the Earl of Sandwich and Team Mickey's Athletic Club in Downtown Disney's Marketplace.

Game and toy icons are displayed throughout this amazing store and range from A gigantic Disney-themed Monopoly Board to oversized Tinker Toys and a spinning "Game of Life" wheel.

As you enter, there's a a huge Mr. Potato Head perched above the extremely popular Create Your Own Mr. Potato Head building station. You get a box and for one price you can stuff it full of Potato Head accessories. It's hard to resist the Mickey Ears, Princess hat, autograph book, Mickey balloon, Mickey ice cream bar and other unique items that will create a Mr. Potato with Disney flair.

You will find many popular board games in both their original format and Disney editions. Top games such as Boggle, Candy Land, Clue, Life, and Disney Monopoly line the shelves. Other game titles include the Monsters, Inc. edition of Life and a Haunted Mansion Clue game.

Moving into the next section, you'll find long-time favorites such as Play Doh, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys. There are stations where you can create your own Lincoln Log and Tinker Toy designs . As with the Potato Head concept, you can stuff a box full with the pieces that you want. Also available are pre-packaged kits including an incredible Wilderness Lodge.

The next room has a huge train set that travels overhead. This is where you'll find the replica Monorail system on display. Among the accessories is the Polynesian Resort, Grand Floridian Resort and Transportation Center switching station. Other items include Spaceship Earth, the Dumbo Ride, Haunted Mansion, Astro Orbiter, Mad Tea Party Cups, and Cinderella's Castle.

In the fourth room you are greeted by a whimsical train display. Located in this room is a great assortment of Disney plush characters. Up above is the continuously spinning game of Life wheel.

The final room has a colorful castle with Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell flying above. This is where you'll find the Disney Princess line of dolls.

Disney has created a one of a kind toy shop that appeals to young and old alike. When visiting the Marketplace, you don't want to miss "Once Upon A Toy Story."

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