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Celebrating the Legacy of Indiana Jones at Disney World

Celebrating the Legacy of Indiana Jones at Disney World IMG_2162

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the final installment of the franchise, is still in theaters. I got to see the film on opening day and it was an emotional ride. To celebrate, I crammed as much Indiana Jones into my day as the parks could offer.

Celebrating the Legacy of Indiana Jones at Disney World IMG_2125
<em>Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios<em>

I started off my day in the land of movies, Hollywood Studios, and home to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. This attraction originally opened in 1989, and although it’s seen a little change over the years, it’s still as impressive and thrilling as ever.

Celebrating the Legacy of Indiana Jones at Disney World IMG_2145

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios

The premise sets you as the audience of a live filming crew performing famous stunts from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Stunt actors as the dynamic duo of Indy and Marion, along with the crew, show us how the magic happens through fight choreography and special effects sequenced to the magical John William’s score. There’s no doubt when you leave this show you’ll be itching to run from a giant boulder while humming the theme song.

Celebrating the Legacy of Indiana Jones at Disney World IMG_2146
<em>Indiana Jones Den of Destiny at Hollywood Studios<em>

After the show, I headed over to check out the Indiana Jones: Den of Destiny, which is a pop-up bar themed to the films. The Den is located in what used to be the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost store. Specialty drinks include The Adventuress Margarita, tequila-based with tropical fruit tea, and The Weathered Fedora concocted of bourbon and spices.

Celebrating the Legacy of Indiana Jones at Disney World IMG_2184
<em>The Dial of Destiny from the Indiana Jones Fifth Installment <em>

I know the pop-up bar is supposed to be all about the drinks, however, the film memorabilia, props, and artifacts steal the show for me. You can find Indy’s iconic hat and whip, the Staff of Ra headpiece from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade, and the Alien Crystal Skull from The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Den features props from the new Dial of Destiny movie, including the namesake itself. I geeked out getting to see all these iconic treasures in person, and I hope the Den of Destiny sticks around for all the Indy nerds like myself.

I hope you get a chance to see the new movie soon. I loved seeing all the nods to the franchise and seeing the characters we’ve enjoyed from the past together again. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the movie and your own Indiana Jones experience!

Emily has a background in the arts and has been going to Disney World since 1992. As a more recent resident of Orlando, her theme park mindset has fluctuated from avid vacationer to local park goer. She enjoys sharing her love and knowledge for all things Disney and can be found on Instagram and TikTok @explorewithemilynicole


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