Daily Disney Video Fix! – April 24, 2020

Today’s DIS Unplugged Video

Today on the DIS Unplugged, we released our latest Disney Dining Show, which ended up becoming a Disney Dining Show+, because the topic of the conversation quickly derailed and ending up becoming more about the future of Disney Parks and less dining. Anyways, the original conversation was supposed to be about the future of buffets at Walt Disney World considering the concern of coronavirus and social distancing. The conversation is completely speculative, as it has to be, but some interesting points are raised throughout the show.

Today’s DIS Video

Today on the DIS, I posted another video from my Marvel Day at Sea cruise last year. This one is a recording of one of the shows aimed directly at kids. The show happens on the pool deck and is called Mickey and Friends Super Hero Celebration. Basically, the characters come out in their Marvel-inspired outfits and show off a move that identifies with the character they are dressed as. The show is a ton of fun, but it’s very popular so it was hard to get a good spot where I wasn’t blocking kids from being able to see, so unfortunately I ended up slightly off to the side. Regardless, you still get a great idea of how entertaining the show is.

Today’s Disney Find

Today, I’m sharing a video that comes to us from Walt Disney’s Disneyland. Specifically, it’s representing Tomorrowland, because the special I’m sharing is “Man in Space.” You may be asking, “Why would I watch this on YouTube when it’s supposed to be added to Disney+ today?” Well, that didn’t happen. Despite it and “Mars and Beyond” being listed for release today, neither one actually debuted and they were removed from posts about what’s new. If you don’t have the Walt Disney Treasures set about Tomorrowland, this is your free option for watching “Man in Space” in case it never ends up on Disney+. Yes, I’m bitter.

Welp, that’s it for today’s picks. I don’t think I gave you too much homework to do and if I didn’t give you enough then the good news is tomorrow is just a day away. Happy watching!

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