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Five Great Recipes for Your Disney Hanukkah at Home

Five Great Recipes for Your Disney Hanukkah at Home hanukkah2

Light up your Hanukkah and infuse some Disney magic at home with these traditional recipes, Disney-style. Making these recipes will bring the magic of Disney and Hanukkah to your holiday home. Hanukkah will be celebrated this year beginning November 28th (evening) through December 6th. Yes, that would be Thanksgiving weekend as the eight-day start date! So put the turkey away on Black Friday and get out your oil and sugar, here we go!

The key to Hanukkah (Chanukah) recipes is two choices: sweet or savory. Meaning sugar or oil. We also love to display our symbols, the menorah and dreidel. And while you’re cooking or baking, why not play some Disney music in the background or play a classic Disney movie to get you in that winter/holiday mood?

Five Great Recipes for Your Disney Hanukkah at Home hanukkah3

December 3rd Challah with Kronk

This day would be a perfect day for making your Kronk’s Challah recipe. Adding it to your Hannukah Sabbath (Chanukah Shabbat) meal Friday night and Saturday is the perfect Disney recipe. My advice is following Deni’s Saturday Snacks blog, because why reinvent the wheel? Have some fun with it and roll the dough out into a menorah instead of a braided traditional challah. Use the leftovers into challah french toast for a family Sunday brunch on the last day of Hanukkah!

Mickey-Shaped Latkes

Take your traditional latke recipe and easily create the Mickey silhouette by using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter. Tip: fill your mixture halfway into the cookie cutter and freeze it on a baking sheet for 20 minutes prior to placing it in the oil. The frozen latke will hold the Mickey shape. Serve with applesauce or sour cream in your Disney serving cups and on your Mickey serving trays!

Follow Deni’s Saturday Snacks!

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Traditional jelly doughnuts can be given a Disney spin with our favorite beignets. I love eating them at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter. The best filling in my opinion is Nutella! Sufganiyot (soof-gaa-nee-owt), a fried doughnut, is our fried sweet recipe, as the latkes were our fried savory choice. Whether you shape them into Mickey silhouettes or not, either way will remind you of Disney.

Hanukkah Cookies

I take the easy way out: simple sugar cookie, use a dreidel cookie cutter and decorate it Disney-style. You can decorate them on the tops with icing by creating hidden Mickeys around the edges. Even easier? Simply decorating the serving trays of your cookies by using Disney chocolate coins (gelt), which is a fun Hanukkah treat. They’re usually just gold-foiled chocolate coins but I always try to find Disney ones if I can. Just toss them onto your serving trays!

Black and white cookies are something you can purchase or make them homemade, which may remind you of Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays – Cookie Stroll. The L’Chaim Holiday Kitchen will be serving this type of cookie this holiday season. Maybe for an added touch decorate your cookie with a 50 on the icing for that nod to Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

Five Great Recipes for Your Disney Hanukkah at Home hanukkah1

Holiday Drink

We’ve covered sweet and savory, but now we must wash it down. I make POG because every holiday is an excuse to serve the family juice. We don’t typically have juice on a daily basis so it makes all holidays extra special when I serve it. POG is so easy to make and I serve the sweet juice in my favorite Disney-style glassware. If you are looking for warmth, because it is December, I love serving hot chocolate or tea in my Disney Hanukkah mug that I store away every year. Maybe this year I will be generous and offer guests my secret stash of the 50th Anniversary Keurig coffee pods. Maybe. But if you’re looking for a cocktail to be festive and you’re missing Oga’s Cantina, why not serve blue milk, which goes perfectly with a blue and white Hanukkah color theme. This recipe can also be made without alcohol.

So if you are trying out some Hanukkah recipes, try to infuse some Disney magic because bringing Disney into your home for the holidays makes everything special. Do you have some special recipes for the holidays? Please comment below! Happy Hanukkah and Happy holidays to all! Happy cooking!!!

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