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Mistakes People Make on their
Disney World Vacation



By Corey Martin

Along the same lines as what I posted last week, “Disney Cast Members - What is the one 'tip' you can give us?”, I thought I would take a shot at a thread titled “Any MISTAKES made on past trips?.

Knowing that DISboards.com is loaded with tons of Disney information, I’ve decided to start condensing popular threads by quoting the informative posts into a single page.

The posts below are not listed in any particular order. I hope you might be able to avoid some of these mistakes during your next Disney World vacation.

  • psiprez  “OK - there must be SOMETHING you did, or packed, or bought, on your last trip that you would never do again.Our mistake was trying for that oft-recommended afternoon nap break back at the resort, before heading back to the park. We left MK at 5pm, and planned to return later for fireworks and E-Ride Nite. The dip in the pool we took was refreshing, but the nap was impossible. The extreme hassle of going back to the resort, then rushing back to MK, zapped any benefit of the break!”

  • usan1 "thinking we could stick to a plan!"

  • psiprez "I just remembered my B-I-G-G-E-S-T mistake (I was trying to block it out...) Not listening to my 3-year-old when she told me she had to go potty. Now."

  • MOmousefan  "Believe it or not, not spending more money on souvenirs. We should have purchased more things for ourselves and those at home."

  • Jynohn "One of our mistakes was planning too many park days and not enough "off" days. I should have known better, we go every year and there's no need to cram everything in, but I still feel like we need to see almost everything in every park each visit (that includes Universal and IOA too!) On our last day we had time to kill before the airport and spent it just wandering around Fort Wilderness for a few hours. This was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable days of our trip!"

  • fitgirlFL "Spending two weeks in a rented house with my sister, her husband, their 2 year old son, my brother, his wife, their two kids, my mom, my dad - it was too many people in too close quarters for far too long. We needed more space and more privacy. And it was an even bigger mistake trying to tour the parks as a group. Everybody needs to go their separate ways at some point. Too much togertherness isn't pretty after awhile."

  • KAMommy "I think the biggest mistake anyone can make is thinking you can see and do it all, and then trying!!  On our first trip, we tried to cram so much in and wound up exhausted. What I love about owning in DVC is that it "frees" you. You know you are going back, so you relax. While we still go to parks every day, we now take our time and just enjoy. By doing so, we have had some of our most magical moments."

  • Tenorsinging "let's see.....been said before, but really that overpacking thing...getting better. wish I had taken more pictures wish I had taken better notes for my journaling wish I had budgeted more money for WDW"

  • Atotty "Spending all the time in the parks and not any at the hotel. We really missed out on a lot of the fun things at AKL."

  • lisajl " My mistake...not taking enough time to enjoy my DH and kids in the park.We are going in Dec and I promise to slow down....I promise...really!"

  • Embel "The last mistake we made was meeting up with and then staying too long with friends whose parenting styles are different from our own. It was frustrating to discipline our children next to others who were ignored for the same behavior. Going forward, Disney World will be a time for us as a family, and we won't feel badly about separating from others if that's what works for us."

  • Yensid FoNaf "Roll with the punches. I sat and watched a guy EXPLODE because the tram from the parking lot couldn't carry all the people who were waiting and he had to wait for a second tram. He was cursing and acting the fool with tons of kids standing within earshot of him. And this is at 8:30 am! Always be prepared for possible delays. WDW services millions of people every week. There WILL be times when you'll have to wait for stuff. Take it in stride and enjoy the ride!"

  • Rella Bella "Leaving the rain ponchos in the room... because it looked like a nice day."

  • TxDisneyFan "Biggest mistake was not finding this website before our first trip to WDW last year. I've learned so many great tips and ideas....now let's see if I can put them to good use in December!"

  • D,L and K's Mom "Not having the photographers take more family pictures. I regret that so much. I had many taken of the kids but DH and I scooted out of them. Now, I wish we had them. I also regret not having tons and tons more taken. It was nice to use the pass when we got home to view them."

  • kimis "The biggest mistake I make is packing too many clothes and shoes. Yes I do laundry there and I still pack tooooo many things. This next trip I am traveling very light!!!!!!"

  • JerseyMamaBear "My biggest mistake is not scheduling an extra day of vacation (from work) at the end of my trip to "recover" from my vacation. I always come home exhausted and then off to work I go. Ick! I guess I haven't learned my lesson because I'm doing it again this time, lol! Gotta stretch those vaca days!"

  • Sleepy "Don't start new medications before a trip."

  • EsmeCullen "My biggest mistake was buying new shoes just a few days before my last trip. My feet were ready to fall off by the end of my trip. They were comfy when I tried them on, but they definitely lost their comfort as I spent 3 whole days walking around the parks. This time around, I bought new athletic shoes 2 months in advance and I wear them almost everyday. They are much better."

  • copykitten "I allowed someone who had been on vacation to Disney several times dictate our trip and say where she didn't want to go because she had already visited before. I had never been there before and did not get to go several places I wanted to because of that. Not happening this time"
What mistakes have you made on your Disney Vacation? Please comment below.

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