A ‘Frozen’ Fragrance Will Now be Available at Epcot

Sure, Frozen has stunning visuals to entertain your eyes, and melodic songs to please your ears, but what about your nose? If you have ever felt your olfactory senses left unsatisfied, Epcot has some good news for you! Starting Wednesday, March 1st the park’s Norway pavilion will have a new scent available for purchase based on the animated feature film. The appropriately named “Frozen in a Bottle” has been in development for two years and was designed by native Norwegian and twenty-year perfume design veteran Geir Ness.

Ness wanted the perfume to capture the feel of both his native Norway and the movie itself. In preparation for the project Ness viewed Frozen somewhere around twenty times. Ness said he, “wanted something clean and fresh so that people feel like they’re part of the movie; like they can smell it.” Some of the notable scents in the fragrance are lily of the valley, rose, amber, wild mountain flowers, and lavender. Even the packaging of the perfume reflects Ness’s love for his homeland, conveying a sense of Scandinavia’s icy cliffs and cold atmosphere.

Frozen in a Bottle may be purchased in two sizes: a 3.4 ounce bottle for $70, or a 1.7 ounce bottle for $50. It will also be sold on ships of the Disney Cruise Line.

Source/Image: The Orlando Sentinel