Anaheim and Orlando Ranked Among Top Spring Break Destinations

TripAdvisor has released a report with the goal of helping families get the most value for their budget this spring break season. The report determines just how many nights a family on a set budget could afford at ten prime spring break locations worldwide.

According to TripAdvisor’s booking data the average U.S. traveling budget is $2,500. With this in mind, they ranked spring break destinations according to how long of a stay, including accommodations and flight pricing, travelers would be able to afford. At the bottom of the top-ten list were Cancun and Miami Beach, each allowing for a five night stay. Myrtle Beach Topped the list at twelve nights. Orlando came it at number 3 on the list, with travelers getting a nine-day stay for their $2,500. Anaheim came in at number 2 with a 10-night stay.

Source: Orlando Business Journal