Build Your Own Droid in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Starting at $99.99

The Disneyland Resort has released more information on their website about the Droid Depot inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, including the $99.99 base price for a custom droid.

At the workshop, guests purchasing the custom astromech droid will be able to choose between a BB-series droid or a R-series droid. Once you make a selection, a Cast Member will provide a basket and blue prints for parts.

At the Parts Station, guests will choose from a variety of options as they roll by on the conveyor belt. For a BB-series droid, choose a dome, dome connection plate, body sphere, and motivator. For a R-series droid, choose a dome, body, center leg, and set of side legs.


From there, guests will head to the build station where a monitor will display instructions on how to properly assemble their droid. Cast Members will then pair the new droid with a remote control and bring it to life.

The droids come with a carry box and full instructions. Accessories, such as personality-affiliation chips, are available for an additional charge.

Droids use Bluetooth technology to community with other droids, as well as other elements and objects in the parks.

The Droid Depot experience is limited to the builder and one other guest, one of which must be at least 14 years old. Astromech droids are non-refundable and no discounts of any kind apply. The experience is subject to availability and reservations may be required. Droids MAY NOT be operated by remote-control while inside the theme parks.

The Droid Depot opens with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on May 31st!

Source: Disneyland