Central Florida Theme Park Injury Reports for 4th Quarter of 2017 Released

To remain exempt from major inspection, Central Florida theme parks must list all of their quarterly incidents and injuries with the state. This quarter’s report (October – December 2017) covers a total of 13 incidents/injuries: 9 belonging to Disney, 3 to Universal, and 1 to Busch Gardens. No injuries were reported for SeaWorld or Legoland. Only incidents or illnesses resulting in a hospital stay of 24 hours or more, as well as deaths, are reported.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom:

  • October 25th: male, 76 – Experienced headache and brief loss of consciousness on Pirates of the Caribbean, previously existing condition.
  • November 3rd: Male, 55 – Chest pain after riding The Barnstormer.
  • December 30th: Male, 66 – Experienced chest pain on the Haunted Mansion, previously existing condition.


Animal Kingdom:

  • October 27th: Female, 77 – Fell while boarding Avatar Flight of Passage.
  • November 4th: Female, 56 – Temporarily lost consciousness on Avatar Flight of Passage, previously existing condition.
  • December 29th: Female, 70 – Experienced chest pain on Kilimanjaro Safari, previously existing condition.

Hollywood Studios:

  • October 8th: Female, 71 – Felt ill while riding Rock n’ Roller Coaster, previously existing condition.
  • November 21st: Female, 67 – Felt ill and dizzy after riding Star Tours.

Universal Orlando

Universal Studios:

Islands of Adventure:

Busch Gardens

  • Male, 49 – chest pain while riding Phoenix, previously existing condition.

Source: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services